Out Now! Edmonton's ABSINTHE FROM SOCIETY Streaming Here Full EP 'The Angels Ignored Us'

Out Now! Edmonton's ABSINTHE FROM SOCIETY Streaming Full EP 'The Angels Ignored Us'
First launching on to the Edmonton metal scene in 2006 and releasing their debut EP 'Project Infection' in 2012, ABSINTHE FROM SOCIETY return in 2017 after a short hiatus with their next release 'The Angels Ignored Us' out now as of February 24th  

Comprised of Ian "Saint Absinthe" Harper, the founder of the band (vocals, guitar and keyboard) and Adam "The Caveman" Roberts (drums & percussion) with Lexi "Shitkicker 9000" Graham (bass & vocals), the trio combine an aggressive sound with ethereal texture. 
Their new EP 'The Angels Ignored Us' touches on emotional themes with a raw heavy backdrop.
Band founder Ian Harper comments:

"Existing fans will love it and hopefully other people who hear it for the first time will be impressed. The EP has a lot of raw sound, which was part of the goal for the EP. We didn't want anything overly produced because that seems to be the trend these days, and we feel that live music is really at the root of any musical renaissance."

Influenced by bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, System of a Down, The Tea Party and The Foo Fighters, ABSINTHE FROM SOCIETY are not trying to be innovative, but simply pushing to entertain and reach as many people as possible.

"We find our music attracts different people. We have a heavier sound, but we do have softer melodies. My lyrics are emotionally charged and give each track its own personality. In this new EP, my writings deal mainly with relationships and especially toxic ones, which I'm sure many can relate to along with feelings of frustration and anger as well as sadness. Overall, whether you're a mosher or someone who stands and grooves, we find we'll appeal to most in the metal spectrum." 

1. Hellbent (3:54)
2. A Man Possessed (4:05)
3. Never (4:49)
4. Worth It (4:04)
EP Length: 16:54

'The Angels Ignore Us' will be available on iTunesAmazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and all major online retailers as of Feb 24, 2017.

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