The Crawling - Anatomty Of Loss - Review & Info

Grindscene RecordsRelease: 7 April 2017

The Crawling was formed in 2014 and has released a single and an Ep in 2015, they are a new experience to me as far as I remeber though.

This is more slow paced atmospheric death/dark/doom  metal packed with melancholic melodies and riffs and a nerve that just keeps you listening and I have to admit that 'Anatomy Of Loss' is a very good album.
Lyrically it's based around real life happenings and most of it seems to be towards darkness in life and misery as far as my ear can hear.

This is for me one of those albums you sit back and,enjoy and let the music do the talking.

Each track is a different expercience and together they take you on an exciting journet thath should not be missed.
This album makes misery feel good and is for sure something to look forward too.

-Gravarson Almighty

Formed in the winter of 2014 against the bleak concrete backdrop of Lisburn city, Northern Ireland, The Crawling have came a long way since their humble beginnings. Influenced by Paradise Lost, Katatonia and Bolt Thrower, The Crawling use a guttural vocal to combine melancholy with weight, churning out a heavy, doom/death ensemble. January 2015 saw the debut single 'Choking On Concrete,' which put the band on the scene, followed in October 2015 by the critically acclaimed In Light of Dark Days 3 track EP. 2016 was a massive year for the band; most notably performing at Inferno Metal Festival in Norway, and Bloodstock Open Air in England. The festival appearances have been reinforced by successful headline shows at home, which culminated in a main stage slot at the highly respected Siege of Limerick festival in Southern Ireland.

With the announcement of the bands debut album Anatomy Of Loss now brought to the fore, featuring no less than seven tracks expressing desperation and defeat and artwork from Travis Smith (Anathema, Bloodbath, Death...) The Crawling strive to spread their brand of misery ever further.

Vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke comments, "Anatomy of Loss is an album inspired by true events. It examines experiences of the band first hand, and what we see in our everyday lives. In short, it is a collection of stories about loss, regret and despondency. It looks at how people develop mechanisms to cope with grief, failure and heartbreak; and more often than not - the inability to do so. The recording process consisted of fun, despair, rage and subsequently immense satisfaction. Translating a song from the rehearsal studio to record is a daunting task, but this album was particularly challenging."

"I have my own studio, so we figured we would simply invest in ourselves, and spend far too many hours ensuring everything was captured just as we wanted. The results were inspiring; we have a heavy, clear and vigorous production showcasing the songs perfectly."

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