The Crawling - Anatomy Of Loss - Album Review

This is a new experience to me but as soon as I randomly start listening to 'An Immaculate Deception & 'Acid On My Skin' I'm fuckin' excited 'cause this is hard hitting quality doom metal but at the same time it does not leave you waiting for world doom part 3.

It's aggressive,punchy,catchy and all you want from a good album really,I forgot to mention brutal 'cause it is at times ,like a mix of death metal and doom metal, I guess it depends on how you see it.
Anyways, 'Anatomy Of Loss' is suitable for most occations, I'm having a small party now and when I out out of a sudden decided to try this one the party suddenly moved to the next level and everybpdy seeems satisfied.

What you get is 7 long lasting tracks from 5-9 mins and value for every penney, and by the way it's spinning for the second time now by popular demand.

The Crawling is a band who knows what they do and leave nothing to coincidences, it's professionally excecuted all the way without becoming too polished, this will certainly be a highlight this spring.

Anatomy Of Loss is filled with earcandy from start to finnish, go buy it and support the artists, fuckers! 

I don't think the band will have any troubles of being forgiven,I do not speak for the master but I'd forgive 'em for their sins if they gave me a copy of 'Anatomy Of Loss'

-Gravarson Almighty 

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