Sacred 'The Obsessed' Review

Scott "Wino" Weinrich. Fuck yeah.  The review could just end here. Everything about the record can be summarised in just two sentences but I don't want to think of me as a lazy bum. So, let's try to turn this into an actual review. Singer/guitar player Wino is one of those rare individuals who is bigger than his bands. People never say "let's go and see The Obsessed/Spirit Caravan/Premonition 13". Well, people do say that but what they really mean is "let's go and see Wino".  Now, why does he have this personal cult? You could say he is charismatic, a "lifer" who will be making music until the day he dies for various reasons, an underdog who would have multi platinum in a better and fairer world, a personality that shines on the stage like a summer sun but most of all, he is a badass muthafucka who seamlessly effortless can pen riffs with a megalodon-like bite and vicious leads that cut like a razorblade. People who have been following him throughout his entire career know that he is not a versatile, all purpose musician who changes styles more often than underpants. On the contrary, his sound is firmly rooted in 70's and 80's doom metal but there is hardly anybody around who has been doing it as long or as good as Wino without losing any of the attitude or even getting soft. Maybe his pals/(former?) bandmates of Saint Vitus but that’s debatable.  Back to business, we are almost at the end of the review. The Obsessed is the name of Wino’s oldest band and after 20 years or so he has picked up the name again but apart from him, I don’t think any of the original members are involved and I’d be lying if I said I cared. So it basically comes down to: Wino has a new album out and from opener "Sodden Jackal" to closing track "Interlude" it is nothing but old school, riff fueled goodness that will have your head slowly nodding for a 45 minutes. Fuck yeah.
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