Sacrificial Slaughter - Generation Of Terror - Review

It begins fast hard and loud like death metal should be. Sacrificial Slaughter surely delivers a fine example of death metal and how it should be, brutal and grinding but still some rock n' roll influences now and then.
Generation Of Terror spins and has a cool riff going on which make it a good track..
Overall this is a fine and grinding death metal album, and 'Generation Of Terror' will probably please many fans out there.
Personally this is not my favourite genre in the long run but this is listenable and makes me wanna bang my head with exellent riffs, dark atmosphere and brutality it sometimes feel like sitting in a grave machine and just roll forward with lots of speed.
'Generation Of Terror' has it all and surely delivers, six tracks of madness for the hardcore heads.
Play loud and bang your head to this fucker and go along with the intense energy in the music!

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