Kratornas - Devoured by Damnation Reviewed By Gravarson Almighty

A cool cover with the Devil himself and some evil shit on the cd, it makes me wanna listen to what the fuck this really is, the CD inlay is very nice to, want it in bigger format somewhere in my apartement.
Well,I guess you didn't came here to read about the cover haha, so let's go!

.Kratirnas started out in 1995 and had several issues along the way but is now back again with their 3'rd album Devoured By Damnation.
Based on the cover this look sold school and brutal metal so letæs find out what this is...

Kratornas is a Canadian metal band or at least they settled there You could say brutal black/death metal with hardcore influences and some oldscholish elements in beetween, 'Devoured By Damnation' is fast and furious like old Destruction,Sodom ,Kreator,Sarcofago,Blasphemy and even faster than these bands, it amuses me to some extenct but it's so fast and no soul and music needs souls, but as I listen to the 'Devoured By Damnation' it kinda reveals something exciting,powerful brutality and there are finally some cool and good riffs and the groove/soul I was looking for, I need soul in music, cause music is soul, enough about this Kratornas speed on in an insane tempo and the drummer plays oldschoolish chaotic style drukms yet totally control. This is the most brutal album I've heard in a long time and sometimes I forget to breed 'cause there is no room for that, Im at track 5 now, 'Blood of The Devil' and it's raw furious. Maybe too extreme for my taste sometimes,but this is one hell of an album and has the speed,agression and all that makes your teeth grind. I would recommend this to hardcore/black/death metal fans and fans of old Blasphemy,Sarcofago,Destruction,Dark Angel and the likes, at least that's what pops up in my head when listening.

This is one of those albums that needs a few listens before one get totally in to it, at least for me personally, Kratornas music just grows on me and they have created a solid album with 'Devoured By Damnation'

what's there to say really? This is as metal as one can get raw,brutal and in your fuckin' face prefect for extreme individuals so I advice you to go and check out this album at the website further down on the page 'cause this is mindblowing metal it will either blow you the fuck away or take you on a rutal and grinding jorney, the question is are you up for it?...

Devoured By Damnation smashes your face to pieces with it's grnding ,raw agression tht hit's you so fuckin' hard that words just get empty. Devoured... is not for the weak minded! This is Powerful Brutality! Visit the website to listen to their album and merchandise.




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