Odyssey - Eve To Adam _ Review

Bilderesultat for odyssey eve to adamThings that I hate about Disturbed. Overdramatic singing style that makes William Shatner sound like a box of valium. Incredibly cliché songwriting that comes straight out of the first chapters“Songwriting for Dummies”, if only they would finish the goddamn book... Forgettable riffs that sound like a million other American bands. A guitar tone that just "rumbles" but never bites, growls, squeals, cries or, in the case of black metal, summons a demon by means unholy chanted verses. In general just plain fuckin’ stupid, I always imagine Disturbed fans as 30 year old rednecks who are still in highschool.  
Things I hate about Eve to Adam's fifth album "Odyssey". All what I hated about Disturbed, for starters. The guitar sound, the songwriting, even the singing sounds exactly like Disturbed Cliché synths that never sound adventurous, daring but just make a random noise to remind you that this album is edgy and renewing because IT HAS SYNTHS AND GUITARS! Cliché rhythm patterns that have been around since house music started in Detroit.  
Things that I love about "Odyssey" It makes me appreciate Fear Factory, Aphex Twin, Gorillaz and Misery Loves Co. even more.  
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-Ivo Reyens

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