-Gravarson take a deeper look behind the new phenomena Matterhorn it's debut track 'Aorta'

I was shopping some vinyl from a guy on the net, and we talked about our own music in general and it turned out to be Tommy from the Trondheim based metal bands Griffin and the legendary Manes.
He was also supposed to be InThe Woods' front figure as the band stepped up into the metal scene, that did never happen.
He later on told me he had a new project in the making named Matterhorn as a result of my curiousity and I got the link to Matterhorn's debut song named 'Aorta' 

Anyhow I decided to enter with an open mind since I'm not one those evil threw & Kwlt heads that dies if they listen to any other genre than theirs and everything released in more than 5 copies 'cause it's so fuckin' threw!

Let's throw the ball to the target, Matterhorn's track 'Aorta'

It's sounds far from what he's been doing with the previous bands. The musical lanscape starts of slow and gloomy disquised in a beautiful atgmosphere and harmony that builds slowly throughout 'Aorta' 
When the mid verse and build up and the chorus like vocals hits it's just pure fuckin' gold and I know this something I want more of so I just press replay. This is one of those delightful journeys when you are drawn into a world beautiful relaxation and entertainement. 
This is the finest I've heard in this genre if I knew what that would be... Progressive avantgarde or just simply dark and beautiful pop music? Who cares! It's great and you should definately give this a listen as this is something that should become big in the future, hopefully we won't have to wait to long for the debut album

Latest News : All the audio files from 'Aorta' has been delivered to Skei (Manii,Manes & Lethe. We can probably expect some Dark and twisted electronic madness. Skei also did a some remixing for Mortiis latest album, so this is something to look forward to, probably during august/september.


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