Dusk Of Delusion (France) (F)Unfair CD/LP Review

Dusk Of Delusion is a French band who have created their own universe from previous band experiences which includes bands such as Akroma,Elvaron,Forsaken World,Ghord,The Horde & Redline. 
Honestly I haven’t heard any of those bands except Elvaron as far as I remember, but I guess that can be a positive thing when "judging" something" new from members known from other bands.
Neo-Metal is what this frenchmen label themselves as, that doesen’t really tell me anything though.
I picked up the U(Nfair) in the mail two days ago and must admit it was kinda fun to actually hold something in your hands, reading the promo flyer and look at the cover and song titles instead of searching through tons of emails, but if everyone sent promo’s in the mail I wouldn’t have room for anything else in my appartement, but enough about that, let’s focus on the music.
I have played this album so many times I’ve lost count ‘cause it promise what the flyer says.
Dusk Of Delusion has an agressive approach and are hard hitting from the start, that being said this is not black/death metal or anything , just hard hitting neo-metal and I have to admit I enjoy it more and more as it has and gives me a raw intense energy, still they leave room for good melodies and an overall entertaining album full of agression towards the suck world we live in and Dusk Of Delusion sure know how to get their frustration out in a good way that entertains and engage the listener.
(F)Unfair is an album I can spin in the morning when I drink my coffe to get extra boost, but I have no problems listening to it later at the day ‘cause this is an album I can put on and just relax or whatever simply because this is a damn good album from start to finish and I dont have to worry about skipping tracks like so many albums witch is almost torture to listen through.
Definately an album worth checkin out when it hit the stores 9th March 2018 and it will be released on vinyl aswell. 12 tracks og quality metal nothing more to be said.

Gravarson_almighty 2018

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