Sanhedrin - A Funeral For The World - Review

Traditional heavy/doom with a female on the vocals, first track wasnt too impressive, the title track "A Funeral For The World" is a killer track and an istant masterpiece, dark & gloomy lyrics and music,nothing new under the sun but this rocks my body even though I "refused" to do more tonight, but shit has changed. The guitra solos was honestly more annoying than entertaining so luckily not too much of those!

Overall it's pretty descent female fronted metal that runs through my ears and thanks to her voice which saves alot,  another track wherer her vocal performance really hits me is the track "No Religion" which is an excellent demonstration of what magic this band creates when they're not too focused with the tecnical and let emotions run hard. The riff in this track is so fuckin doomy and heavy that it scares fainth souls away, 'cause this is about using silver spoons to cock some unhealthy things, and that's when you have lost alll fate, everybody knew it but you..

The last and 9th track is a pretty good one and fast forward heavy metal track with calm guitars and the track Die Tryin' really sets on fire an convince me that this actually is a very solid heavy metal album with doom influences, like from 70-80s but this band surely knows how to make lightening through the night and the tracks "A Funeral For The World" No Religion" & Die trying is alone worth buying this album,3 very strong tracks, and I'm tempted to say pearls. and I'm sure more of the album will reveal eventually....
Tracks to Mention : A Funeral For The World
                                 No Religion
                                 Die Tryin'

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