Daemonheim - Widerwelt - Review

 Naturmacht Productions  
 RELEASE 27 April 2018

Release date 27.april.2018
German black metal act Daemonheim returns with the long awaited successor of "Tidian".
"Widerwelt" (freely translated "cruel, deadly world") is a concept album about decay and death (and some heartache).
It is emotional, furious, dark and the most powerful and atmospheric album ever made by the duo.
It's quite easy to hear what the german vocals are even though they are kinda screamy it's all put nicely together in an atmospheric wall of sound. This sounds quite good in one moment, then I don't know what to think in next.I love the german vocals and at times reminds of Absurd's vocals which I love, yeah I''m a fan of Absurd and loads of other stuff I don't even know,if that's a problem in some way,I just say the usual fuck you, I do'nt even want complaints 'cause you don't know jack shit about me!.. 
Try calling God instead maybe he's finished punishing me?..
Hmm, I have one more thing to sum this album up in a few words, where are the ladies,where are the xtc, when is it time to fuck? Shut up filthy whore,suck me dry :D
A good starter album if you have plans for the evening, I know what I want to do ,but I'm not repeating myself! Bring me the XTC & whores ,I'm the ruler here now,bow to me and don't you dare stop before you're done . I usually never listen to metal to get out agression or other shit, it's just music,but this made me wanna fight,fuck,chew some love powder release the pressure and be totally kinky. If you have a girl and haven't tried emma in bed you should seriously consider it. You get to one and cross all sexual and other borders and have a real therapautic evening, wait at least a month and possibly even more before you do it and stop for years,use it wisely haha :D
Do I need to repeat myself? Kinda cool Absurd like vocals but sounds like a woman,some booze and some extacy and you should be alright, don't listen to the crap that people die and so on, that's people who abuse it, like poeple abuse alkohol. Have fun while your young,cause it's over pretty fast and rethink the word eternal while you say I have eternal life whatthe fuck happens now? You just figured THAT out now? A bit boring yeah, forever is boring, but luckily we don't remember it all, we just live on & on & on & on...... Todays lesson,I don't mind your opinion... I know.....The whole album works as a piece of music, maybe background music at times. All in all a pretty good album, and I love the vocals as said.


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