Angst Skvadron

I just had to ask T.Nefas a few questions about the brilliant stuff he releases under the name Angst Skvadron.
He is also known form Urgehal & several other acts in case you didn't know..

I've always wondered how you came up with this idea.. With topics conserning drugs & aliens,it's kinda far out from what you could expect considering the
band members comes from totally different bands & now this wondeful mix of psychedlia could you explain that to to us?

I started this project some years ago, and it was supposed to be a solo project, which later turned into a full band. It was in a period in my life where I was totally fucked up on all kinds of drugs and I've always been a big fan of sci-fi movies and this resulted in a strange mix of songs and lyrics which later became Angst Skvadron.
My musical approach as far as Angst Skvadron and Urgehal and my other Black Metal bands are very different. Angst Skvadron is more my personal and paranoid self. Plus a I have the ability to express myself musically in a different and weird way compared to my black metal personality.

Are the theme based on personal experiences or is that a secret kept to you only?

Both, but mostly personal.

As far as I've noticed there have not been many gigs ecxept one local in the woods,is that on purpose,since you don't wanna go public? (refering to the
name of the band)

We haven't played much live, that's true, but we consider ourselves a live band, and it will come more live shows in the future, that being said, we have played some other gigs in Norway and a headliner festival gig in Germany last summer, which I guess is the highlight so far.

How does the "die hard" metal heads react to this band,do you think it's because the well know names or?

I expected alot of negativity from the hardcore scene, and you know theres alot of narrow minded people out there, with absolutely no tolerance of other genres than "pure fucking black metal" .That being said, I have never claimed that Angst Skvadron is black metal.
Then again, I have never cared what other people might think or say about my music, because I have total confidence in my/our material. And the fuckers out there should know that this is personal, and just as misanthrophic as any other black metal band out there. To my surprise I've actually got alot of positive feedback with this band, and I guess that's kind of nice... (Yeah,you don't want "Negativitetens Kvelertak" to catch up on you Ed.)

After releasing 2 albums & one 7" . What are the future plans of Angst Skvadron?.. Dig further into the unknown? Whitch is not a bad idea after all.

Personally I have to correct you a bit, it's actually one demo, two albums, one 7", one 10", and split 7".
First of all, focus on the new album, and booking more live shows. Plus making some new nerve-wrecking music videos. Besides from that, fill our heads with more medicine/drugs and alcohol.

Since alot of your lyrics concerns drugs and "unusual" themes for some people,what are you're opinions on drugs? 
All my/our influences is a mixture of personal sci-fi/drugs/music - and other paranoid experiences mixed into one. It's up to the listener to solve the riddle and find his/her way out of the maze (of torment).

Never Stop The Madness.

Some moths after this interview he tragically died,so we now say rest in peace. And may you find what you search for!...

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