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As most people probably know by now you are soon re-releasing "Under the Sign of Hell" With a new line up except you.
This will be interesting to hear,but what I & probably the readers wonder is the reason for this? Since In my opinion it was a great album.

- It's not that much of a new line-up. As back then, me and Pest did the roles as guitarist/bassist and vocalist. And Asklund did the drums. All the hows and whys of it being re-recorded seems to me irrelevant for most people to know. I wanted to do it. That should be reason enough.

And while where on it,are you working on new material & will it be recorded/prduced in the same studio as "Quantos.. " With Tomas Aklund ?

- Yes, we are and yes it will. It will be recorded, edited and mixed in Monolith Studio and it will most probably be mastered by Mads Lindfors at Cutting Room.

As far as I've noticed you've toured alot lately,how has the response been & does the audience seem to appreciate your latest album? *cause it seems that your fans are somewhat divided in their taste of albums, some like the 3 first albums & others.. You know the story. Like with almost every well known band.

- The response has been good. As for who likes what when it comes to what we have released during the years, I find it fully understandable that different people choose different favourites. I never aim to please everyone and to the degree our expression changes over time - I never think much about such matters. I am concerned with being as satisfied as I can be on the date of release. As for beyond that point the bonds with the album should better have been broken.

When I first listened to "Quantos..." I somewhat got the feeling of beein drawn back to the "Antichrist" era. A great album by the way. Was this something you wanted or did it just turn out that way & will continue in this direction?

- It turned out like this because it felt right. What the future will bring, the future will show.

How does the co-operation with Bøddel work out,did he quit Obituary to play as a full time member in or where there other reasons?

- you will have to ask him about these reasons.

During you're career in Gorgoroth,is there something you regret you didn't do?

-Yes, by all means. There are both things I regret I did not do and there are things I regret I did.

You've played on various records,such as Borknagar,Desecrator etc.. Are you active in any other bands now or do you fully concentrate on Gorgoroth?

- I was kind of tempted by the thought as little as a couple of months ago, as I saw an opportunity to join forces with another guy who once upon a time delivered a piece of work that made a mark upon the history of music as I know it. But I chose to keep my focus on Gorgoroth as I know there is more than enough work to get done with my band in order to get it to function on a somewhat satisfactory level.

You're running your own label "Forces Of Satan" witch is an an internet based label with digital releases,are there any chance that we'll be able to buy phsyical releases or do you see that market as dead?

- some physical releases, as you call it, are already released and can be ordered as we speak. Others have been licensed to Regain Records and Apocalyptic Empire.

This might be a stupid question ,but what do you look for when you sign bands,any special criteris?

- obviously there is. We do not do this as a charity project to help whoever out there getting signed. Above all: talent and willpower.

Ok,that's it for now.. Any last words to the readers?

-No..Not now.

Allright! Thanks for taking time to answer the questions. (The new recording of "Under The Sign Of Hell" is now available most places Ed.)

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