Morbid - 1987 - Year Of The Goat

I got hold of this compilation some months ago.
It's nicely packaged in a cardboard box with cool artwork & pictures.
Inside you get a book which also is the cover of the 2 CD's inside.

Disc 1: - Contains the legendary December Moon" demo & 6 rehearsal tracks.

Disc 2: - Contains 19 Live tracks performed at Birkagården & Ultra

This is something everyone into metal should check out,cause the material on it especially the "December Moon" demo will stand forever as a piece of extreme music history. And it's great to have it all in one compilation instead of 50 bad bootlegs!
Also the material on "December Moon" is so great and timeless in my opinion that it easily chrush a lot of releases today,both music wise & same goes for the production.
I really enjoyed reading the book while listening to the music which is written from a totally different perspective than I've read or heard before.
It's more about how Dead's friends knew him before he joined Mayhem and how he developed as an artist & person in general.
There's of course some funny/classic stories and lots of pictures & stuff never seen before.
Personally I have to say that I prefer the things Dead recorded with Morbid rather than the stuff with Mayhem!
The sick "sing along" vocals on "Disgusting Semla" is absolute worth a listen if you haven't heard it before.

I'm glad I bought this & have it in my collection!!

Morbid Official

It's on CD & Vinyl.. The Vinyl version comes in at least 6-8 colors !

The green vinyl can be bought here : NuclearWarNow

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