Dauden - Promo

Dauden - Promo

Black Metal .Sarpsborg, Norway

This act is actually from 2005,but was new to me until I heard some tracks of their latest promo.
Straightforward black metal is what we get here and this actually sounds like it as well, compared to many others labeling themselves the same term.
It's very tight and well played tracks you get here.
It's mostly fast all the way but slows down with some meoldic parts in beetween.
My favourite right now is "Forbannet Til Evig Jord"
This band has all the right elements combined to make something big in the future.
Don't miss out on this act if you like raw black metal.
I Haven't heard all the tracks yet,this is based upon the two tracks I've heard so far.

Note : This band is conformed to play at Hammerslag Vinterblot Festival 2012 Toghether with other great acts such as Nidingr & Ragnarol amongst others and Dark Mental Festival i Danmark 18.mai... Don't miss your chance to see this band live if you have the opportunity!

Contact : Myspace

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