Stalwart - Manifest Of Refusal

Stalwart - Manifest Of Refusal Provided By - PRC Music Release: 22 May 2012 Stalwart is a technical death metal band hailing from Russia is now back with their 5th album witch delivers a solid dose of darkness combined with brutality. The keyword for this release has to be brutality combined with beauty. They for sure know how to handle their instruments, nothing new ,but good melodies! I cannot really find one negative point when it comes to the tracks,witch are all well written & played! If you like bands like Carcass,Brutal Truth,Morbid Angel but with a more symphonic touch to it. The heavily played bass alongside with the descent solo's combined with some good synth melodies takes the listener into a journey unknown. It's loaded with blastbeats ,but it actually fits on this release witch is very aggressive the way death metal used to be, with growls and nicely put basslines & compositions. I can strongly recomend this album to fans of brutal death metal. Just sit back lean & enjoy! Cause this is one of the better ones I've heard in a while.