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Attitude.   For   punk   and   hardcore   it   is   50%   of   the appeal.   You   can   buy   3000   euro   guitars,   point   to   point soldered   boutique   amps   and   vintage   pedals   but   if   you haven’t   got   that   anger,   you   will   never   be   able   to   play HC/punk   properly.   That’s   why   Agnostic   Front’s   “Victim in   Pain”   is   a   classic   despite   being   one   of   the   worst produced   albums   ever   (and   the   solo   on   the   opening track   is   awesome   in   its   awfulness).
In   that   regard   Black   Heroin   from   Ghent,   Belgium   is about   as   authentic   as   they   come.   6   tracks   in   less   than 9   minutes,   recorded   in   a   squat...   This   is straightforward   oldschool   hardcore   that   seems   to   be making   a   slow   revival.
It   will   be   probably   take   you   longer   to   read   this review   than   to   listen   to   the   actual   demo   but   why   not go   over   the   tracks,   just   for   laughs?
Opening   track   “Idiots”   starts   off   a   bit   meek   and forced   but   once   the   intro   is   over,   you’re   in   for   some good,   fast,   underproduced   stuff.
Follow-up   cover   Angry   Samoans   “Todd   Killings”   is   over before   you   know   it   and   “Wake   Up”   is   short   and   barky. “Religions”   and   “Treachery”,   with   2   minutes   runtime the   longest   song   because   one   of   the   guitar   players wanted   to   do   a   solo,   are   the   two   best   tracks.   The   band seems   to   be   playing   a   bit   tighter   while   the frustration   and   anger   just   explode   in   your   face.
Final   track   “Revenge”   closes   the   demo.
What   is   their   left   to   say?   Black   Heroin.   Hardcore   from Ghent,   the   hipster   capital   of   Belgium.   Not   super innovative   but   true   to   the   ideals   of   their   music: don’t   wait   for   approval,   just   get   up   there   and   do   it.

- Ivo   VirusWithShoes-

Luckily   you   don’t   have   to   find   a   squatted   house   to   get your   vintage   hardcore.   Just   lay   back   in   your comfortable   sofa   and   visit:

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