FLUKT (NOR) Interview in English By Gravarson Almighy

Flukt is a 3 piece band hailing from a small place in Norway named Vennesla who decided to join forces during 2014. They play 'traditional norwegian black metal' and has released an EP named 'Holcocaust' in 2015 and two singles 'As Abow (So Below) 2015 and 'Sadist' 2016.
 When I was lucky enough to hear these guys I decided to do an interview with 'em about their future plans as this is a band I would like to hear more from in the future, and as far as I know their 'Holcocaust' EP is still available alongside with t-shirts and other merch. Contact the band if you want to know more. (Contact link in the end of interview) or press HERE to contact.

A.Ø - Vocal, Guitar and Bass
-F.H - Drums

-O.K.F - Guitar, Bass

 Hi, and congratrulations with the release of ' Holocaust' EP even though it's a while ago, but how are things going?

- Thanks, it has been a while since the release of our debut Ep. At the moment we are working on some new material for an upcoming release. We are also rehearsing for a gig at John Dee in Oslo, 6th May.

Tell us more about the gig, is it you only or is there some sort of festival with other bands?
When do you go on stage?

- This is actually a special night. Flukt along with two other heavy bands will support Martila from Claymords having
a release concert on a project he have done with Steinar Albrigtsen. Steinar Albrigtsen is one of the
Biggest Country / Blues artist from Norway. So this is going to be one of a kind night with lots of good music.

It will be something for everybody, and we believe Flukt will be the raw and primitive act.

FLUKT play primitive,melancholic, yet catchy and mystical kinda like old schoolish Norwegian Black Metal , is there any reason you play the way you do?

- We are playing the music that trancend from the depths of our souls. All of us in Flukt share a passion for Black Metal, especially the early Norwegian style. ( That's easy to hear, meant in a good way ED.)

You're a relatively young band in the scene with only EP released and a few tracks on various compilations. 
Is it hard to be recognized as a band today, and do you work much to keep the name 'known'?

-Yes it is hard to be a unknown band, We work hard to get the music out through online zines like Scullfucker etc. Without much support from labels. Actually we have started our own label now. Stench From Below Records.

Ok, tell me a bit more about this label, is it just to release your own stuff or do you plan to run a full-time label and release other music aswell?

-A.Ø: The Holocaust Ep was released with help from
SkyBurnsBlack Records, a diy label based in USA. We was happy about that, but in the end I was doing all the promotions, e mails and stuff. So why not just start my own label for my own bands? Past and present bands.

Is there any agenda behind the music and lyrics? ..And what do you want the audience to know? 

-We play music for ourselves. If someone like it that is cool. The lyrics are important to get in the mood for the songs. It reflects personal thoughts on various topics.

Are you under influence of something while rehearsing or do you keep a straight line? 

- No, we may have some beers after a show or rehearsal, we try to perform at our best, and that is in our case completely sober. And it is harder to do it without being influenced by substance. You cant hide behind it, and everything is more raw and real.

What personal emotions do you bring into your music? And what inspires you most as a musician?

- O.K.F: I need to be in the right mood to write music, i listen to a lot of other Black Metal bands for inspiration. If i have a bad day that may help to make the music i like.

- A.Ø: To me the emotions this kind of music brings out is raw aggression, frustration and other negative energies. I just love it! What inspires me as an musician is the other member of the band. They keeps me on edge. And of course I get inspired by the music I listen to.

On the 'Holocaust Ep it's pictures of soldiers and tanks ,but the music does not shout out war if you know what I mean? I don't get a warlike feeling while listening, it's rather a dark and sinister journey blended with some melancholy, so my question is, are there any message behind it?

- The front cover on the Holocaust Ep reflects the lyrical theme. It dwells with the brutality on the frontline during WW2, the holocaust it self from a victims point of view and death in general.

I get the feeling you have strong opinions as it reflects somewhat in the music, is it something you want to share with the readers? Religion, politics whatever..

- Flukt is not a political band like Dave Mustaine's. Our music is all about emotions and atmosphere. We know what it means to us, but it is up to everyone else to figure out what it means to them.

What are the future plans/goals for FLUKT? I mean , it's been quite silent for a while now.

-Flukt is a slow but steady ship. As we said earlier we are working on some new music at the moment. Hopefully we will release an album next year, and escalade the gigging. 

How did you first get in touch with metal and why did you know that this was for you?

-O.K.F: I started listening to metal when i was about 13 years old, my older sister had a Nirvana cd, and it just got more extreme as i grew older. I have always loved the aggression and
 the feeling Black Metal gives me.

A.Ø: For me it was the first Korn album and Metallica who introduced me to heavy music. It was a life changer and I have never looked back. The musical taste grew more and more extreme as more I dig in to it. Slayer, Sepultura, Mayhem, Burzum etc. Nowadays I listen mostly to 80s extreme metal and 90s Black Metal.

-F.H: When I was a kid my dad listen to a lot of the heavy rock stuff from the 70s and the 80s. I think it started there and it got more and more extreme as I got older.

Do you remember the first album you bought for your own money?

-O.K.F: Probably a Slipknot or Korn album

-A.Ø:  I think it was Nirvana - From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

-F.H: Nope.

I'm guessing there hasn't been much liveshows,am I right? Are you ready to do liveshows or is it something you want to do?

- We have only done two live gigs. The first one was at the Inferno festival in Oslo in 2016. And we have done one club gig in Kristiansand. We have a couple of upcoming gigs later this year. We hope to do more and more gigs in the future, we have some plans, but cant say much about it yet.

If you had once chance to say an album everybody should hear before they die, what would it be?

- O.K.F:  There are really too many to pick one, but 1349 - beyond the apocalypse has long been one of my favorite albums, frosts drumming is amazing.

-A.Ø: Not to mention one of the obvious classics (wich is too many to choose from) I would say check out NettleCarrier's debut album from 2012.

F.H: Taake - Hordalands Doedskvad

I have heard from reliable sources that you use extemely much more toilet paper than regular people, so how many meters a week do you use approximately? 

- What kind of question is that? As a three pieced we of course use 6 meter each..

Thanx for the interview and best wishes for the future, any last words?

Support the underground by buying physical releases and go to shows!

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