Grave Desecrator - Deathspells Rising

As soon as this starts spinning I'm drawn into a cold realm with harsh vocals,cold & grim sounding black metal is what you get here. They have existed since 1998 but this sounds like 89-91 in my opinion. The first thing I notice here is the great sound on this record,it's not the overproduced mainstream shit you hear today. It feels like listening to a live recording compared to many other releases today. They manage to produce some awesome riffs & melodies witch makes me wonder what the fuck I just put on for some reason. Along with some insane synth parts besides the tracks this is a killer for sure. You just gotta love the drum parts especially on certain tracks here. This release is like eighties meets ninghties black metal in a cold atmopsphere. The tracks are mosly fast,but the record varies troughout.. You'll either love it ot hate it! I have to admit that it can be noisy at times but in this case I enjoy it. Great record along with a neat cover,nothing more to say really. It's ugly it's in your face!.. Lean back or bang your head! titles are available on CD at:,, CM Distro, Omega Mailorder,, Best Buy, FYE, HMV, Barnes & Noble and all fine metal retailers Gravarson 2012

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