Mortal Infinity - District Destruction

Mortal Infinity - District Destruction To be released 15.06.2012 on Digital Media Records. These guys are heavily influenced by Kreator,Destruction,Slayer but that does no harm cause the opening track starts of with a banging tune that actually makes me want to bang my head. It's hard,fast & aggressive without beeing to serious. The album as a whole has a pure thrash attitude,hard hitting in your face vocals,blended with great riffs & the good old thrash spirit. Nine tracks is what you get here & it's worth every penny cause the melodies are mainly over 5 minutes long. Just listen to "At Dawn Of Death" witch is a brilliant example of what this band is capable of,some awesome tempo changes & surprises in that tune. And as the album spins it builds up with one great melody after another. This is an album every metal head should have the collection. It's also alot of energy in this album alongside with extremely well written tracks ,I often tend to get bored while listening to albums but this is so full of surprises & undpredictable in many ways it's hard to stop listen. But if you want quality look no further cause this is a masterpiece in my ears! With "District Destruction" they don' have to prove anything,they have proven it all & this is a fist in the face of the many so called thrash bands out there. Look no further,this is what it's all about & if you're local record dealer don't have this one?..Well,kill him!
Tracklist : Intro Thrill to Kill, At Dawn of Death, Wake of Devastation, Retribution, District Destruction, Condemned Rising, Radical Response, Sound of Brutality

Check 'em out on Facebook Press contact : Clawhammer PR

                                                    Live at Metal-Fest Austria 2012 

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