Krakow (Nor) - Diin

Release date: 14 September 2012 Dark Essence Records

I have to admit that "Monolith" didn't really get my attention,not that it was bad.
More like I never got "into it" probably cause I didn't really listen that much to it except for some songs I found good. I found them to be better live at the time.
It was first when I listened to the single "Drifter" if found this band more interesting with the distorted guitars & synths kinda like 70's stoner rock.
While listening to "Diin" I notice that the sound overall is way more massive than the debut, the vocalist now sings and varies the vocals from clean to growly witch nicely fits better.

This is an album that needs a couple of listens before you get the whole picture.
And when you get into the album it just grows more each time.
It's very unpredictable & intense with lots of surprises within.
They have grown a lot as a studio band on "Diin" and really shows that they are capable of producing great long lasting tunes,that surely  will amuse old & new fans,cause the overall quality of this album music wise is much better than the debut.

And they have taken a step further into the unknown exploring new sounds and they've done a good job,cause I can't come up with any other bands sounding similar to Krakow.
I love the way they combine the heavy/intense parts with the more atmospheric and instrumental parts.

If you listen to "Mark Of Cain" witch is a gem in itself with the beautiful twisted synth starting the track & slowly builds up with drums and an extremely tasty guitar riff or "Into The Distant Sky" a great example of this and how well they are able to making quality of experimenting.
as they manage to capture the listener with their atmospheric and groovy tunes.

All in all I don't find any weak parts on this solid album,and when you hear it,you'll notice that there probably lies countless ours of working & experimenting just to get everything right.

That beeing said it's still Krakow only a more mature band if you like.

If my senses are right this album will be looked upon as a classic in a few years.
I could go on forever about "Diin" cause it reveals new secrets each time I listen.

While you listen to this I suggest you sit back relax and just enjoy the sounds while drifting slowly away into a world only Krakow can create!

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