Borgne - Royaume Des Ombres

Out now on : Sepulchral Productions

Borgne started up in '98 and released a demo back then,and has since released 4 full-lenghts since then.
I'm new to this band so "Royuame Des Ombres" is my first experience with the band.

What you get here is depressive black metal.
It's overall very good sounds quality & has a very majestic & epic feeling to it.

With it's very long tracks,most of the tracks are actually over 8-10 minutes but totally worth it.

While I look at the cover it comes to mind that it actually suits the music ,cause the feelings you get when listening to this are like  watching everything turn grey on a windy autumn day.
It filled with a melancholic & dark sounsdscape witch I haven't heard in a while, not as good as this.
It has a cold feeling to it,and the synth is used in a proper way to get those melancholic melodies along with the guitar riffs.

It's mostly mid-tempo tracks here and I think that is good cause it suits the overall production very well.
One can hear they've used much time on producing the ambient parts here as they go along with the music perfectly and manages to create splendid sound that Borgne has.

It sounds like the drums are programmed ,but that dosen't really do any harm to this release at all.
This is overall a pretty good release with long lasting but good melodies and I would state that if you're into black metal and looking for a good release you surely should check this one out.


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