Pagan Altar - The Time Lord EP 2012

Release date 9/11/12

Now re-released by Shadow Kingdom Records
Pagan Altar (UK), formed 1976 by Alan and Terry Jones in Brockley, England. Alongside Witchfinder General, they are one of the few NWOBHM bands to play doom metal. They never got a record deal back then so a lot of their stuff has been re-released since then.
This fine Ep containing 6 demo tracks is now available again for those of you who don't have them.
What you get here is doom/sludge metal with a good doze of heavy metal influences and also inspired by the masters Black Sabbath & Back Widow.

That beeing said this band has more of the energy Steppenwolf had at their best only,but this records is rougher both musically and soundwise.
This band has a very energic feel to it and delivers very enjoyable melodies and extremely cool guitar work & solo's in the old fashioned way,but with more up-tempo songs than lots of other doom bands,and the lyrics & themes are as important as the music to this band.When you listen to the guitar powerful riffs you can hear the heavy metal influences.
I suggest you take a listen to this cult release if you're into doom-metal.
This is a "hidden treasure" witch hopefully will gain more attention now.
This is one of the better NWOBMH albums and the first days of the band and deserves to be heard.

"The Pagan Altar",amp; "Highway Caviler" & "Judgement Of The Dead" are tracks to mention and also a good example of what this band is all about at their best! 
I would like to state that for me this will be seen upon as one of the important & best doom releases after hearing it for a while. If a friend asks what doom metal is a good way to start.
Imagine living free in the 60's riding the highway this would be the soundtrack.


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