Tantara (Nor) - Based On Evil

The relatively young band Tantara formed in 2009 has now released their first full-length through Indie Recordings and I guess the expectations has been high after releasing the pretty good EP "Human Mutation"  in 2010
At the first listen it's easy to hear that they are heavily influenced by 80's thrash acts like Dark Angel,Testament,Slayer,Destruction & similar acts.

With the epic opening track "Based On Evil" they force the listener to want more.
What they have done here is to take all the best elements from the golden era of thrash metal and continued into the future with their aggressive but still very melodic album, listen to "Mass Murder" and you'll know what I mean.
The riffs is outstanding ,I have to credit the guitarist for the outstanding guitar work & riffs on this release 'cause it's not everyday you hear something that actually is quality and made true devotion for the music.

I cannot find one negative aspect with this album really.
The production is solid and all the band members deliver with excellence.
This album will be worshipped by people into thrash and hopefully others cause this is a great piece of art we have here,I strongly suggest you take a listen to this 'cause the guitars impress very much ,with the classical playing alongside with the technical riffs.
At times "Based On Evil" reminds me of "And Justice For All…" But don't get me wrong,it's so much more than just a Metallica clone,but they surge as hell manage to deliver a solid album that I think will set the future for this band.
With a potential like this they are doomed to a great future & will probably be a big name in some years.
A hard hitting thrash attack,with aggresitivity & tension to cut the power combined with epic instrumental parts
 either you're a thrashead or not this will blow your mind out and take you on a sentimental journey from the past diving into the future leaving your brain with only two words left "HELL YES!
Totally worth every single penny!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hey! Fredrik from Tantara here!

    Glad U liked the album. But, you should really check out the final album release too! Most likely, you got an "uncut" promo version without the proper crossfades, and some songs were much longer than they should've been!

    But anyways, thanks for the review!

    1. Tror jeg har fått riktig versjon,fikk den fra han som driver ,er meg som har skrevet det og,så vet ikke jeg?

    2. Jau! Men pga noen misforståelser klarte å Indie å sende ut promoeksemplarer til anmeldere, hvor 3-4 av sangene på albumet har 30 sek ekstra hver med regn/utfading, når disse tomromma på CD/iTunes versonene er fjerna og sangene crossfader ordentlig! ;-)

    3. Ok,må ærlig inrømme keg ikke har lagt spesielt merke til det,men hørte nå hva det gikk i om ikke annet ;)

  2. Skal sjekke ut den skikkelige utgivelsen når jeg kommer så langt.