Zonaria (Swe) - Arrival Of The Red Sun

Formed in 2001 by Simon Berglund, Christoffer Vikström, and Mikael Hammarberg, the band originally went under the name Seal Precious. Initially the band's style was power metal, with clean vocals. Several line-up changes prevented the band from recording, but after 2003, with the addition of second guitarist, Emil Nyström, and the band's name changed to Zonaria, they spent two years playing gigs in and around Umeå before recording and releasing, in 2005, what would be Evolution Overdose.

I'm not familiar with their first 2 albums so I can't compare it to those, but what we surely not get here i power metal luckily.
Most of you have probably heard it but I decided to write about it anyway,since I kinda forgot about it a while ago.
This is a good album from this swedish outfit containing ten tracks of melodic death metal in the traditional swedish style.
Arrival Of The red sun is overall a very good album,with catchy melodies.
They surely know how to create atmospheric tunes using samples & synths at the right places.
Worth mentioning is their use of choir on some of the tracks,very cool actually.
Musicvise I would say they lean towards traditional heavy metal & thrash in the song structures..
And at times it reminds me a bit of Keep Of Kalessin especially the chorus on the verses.

The vocals are more harsh than growly I would say & suits the production.
It's actually easy to enjoy this album even though many state that this has been before,but who cares,one cannot expect a new genre each time a band delivers a new album,so lean back stop moaning listen to this album and enjoy! Cause this is one of the finest death metal bands from Sweden that I can come up with these days & this album proves it.

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Released 23 Juli 2012 - Listenable Records

_Graute Sprudlarson_

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