The Dogs Divine - Size Of The Fight

A taste of your younger days

Do you ever miss those days listening to Motley Crue and Anthrax, filling your ears with the pure sound of heavy metal? Do you remember your first car hitting the road playing Motorhead, spiking up the surroundings where you felt alive, young and free. Let the dogs divine’s album trig the memories of hanging out with your friends, drinking beer, singing the lyrics of your favorite band with whatever voice was given to you . After listening to the first song of their new album I felt the urge to sing outloud, rocking around in my tiny apartment with the voice of Tom hart filling my living room. I wanted to hear more and I felt happy that I was given this album to write about.
After changing in band members, managers and booking agents they were found by Tim King (soil) who signed them to Mortal Music Inc after hearing they’re demo of “Hell Wouldn’t Have Me”  The Dogs Divine  find inspiration in bands like Motley Crue, Pantera Guns-N-Roses Ozzy ,Faster Pussycat, AC/DC, The Ramones, The Cult, Anthrax and White Zombie. After years with new forms of definitions in the metal/rock genre, where the new music that’s been produced have been nothing but mere shadows of the freedom old school rockers found in heavy riffs and drum solos (a way of creating music that takes a lot of energy and artistic freedom). The dogs divine have a nice way of mixing old school heavy metal/rock with the more modern version of heavy metal, which works well together.

They’re first song “Dogs” is an explosion of melodic and heavy metal riffs, that will make old school rockers smile, finally finding some fresh blood in the game. Tom hart did not want to make music that sounded like a bad replica of what has been given out by the bands they are influenced by. He has succeeded by breathing fresh air into the music by incorporating some elements from the modern heavy metal.  They’re song “Gypsy king “gives the album variation with elements of Texas blues/rock, reminding of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd known by songs as Simple Man and Sweet Home Alabama. Tom hart has proven variety in his voice by singing a soft song like gypsy king where his voice gets spiked up in the song “Join the crowd”. Singing like a true heavy metal vocalist making his voice sound even more “raw” by pushing the line between heavy metal and darker types of metal with something that almost sounds like a soft growl in his voice. They’re last song is inspired by the loss of Tom’s friend Shawn (who is mentioned in the first verse of this song) that killed himself In 2007. 

The band has stated this about the last song, and I quote: We all experience loss, but this is the type that we question why for the rest of our lives. The song is very melodic like the rest of their songs in the album. The dogs divine has made a song about something that touches a lot of people, suicide. Being left as mourners with questions like why. The song starts slow with the vocal weighing the most of the song were it takes up to heavy guitar solos and a soar intensity in toms so called “whiskey voice”. the riffs and Tom’s voice shows a mere desperation in ones feelings after being left back in such a tragedy, where the song fades away by the slowly dying guitar with the last words: One for the ages.

The band has proven for the skeptics; Old school heavy metal is not dead (only refreshend).  To quote AC/DC Highway to hell: Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme, Aint nothing I'd rather do, Going down, party time, my friends are gonna be there too.

-Frøya Montezino-

In case you haven’t got it, I highly recommend this band to anyone who can relate to this review.

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