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Bernt Sunde was a part of Penitent an act that you might remember if you were into the Norwegian scene in the 90's and released on album "Songs Of Despair"
He was also a part of Forlorn as synth player and release the album "Hybernation" ,but now he stands on his own feet & we are eager to hear!

To my surprise I actually got a package in the mail with a cd and printed notes about the release on paper,that's nice,especially when it comes the genre this guy makes.
Listening to this it's important to have good sound quality.

It's his works from 1999-2003
It's also nicely packaged with a neat cover with pictures & lyrics to describe his art.
Cause it's not metal we're talking about here,it's electronically music.
I don't know what happened when I put the cd on,I heard some great music,then fell into another world so I have to give it one more listen so I can get the right words to describe how beautiful this release is!

 First of all I think you should look upon this as a symphony instead of just listening to one track ,start at the beginning & let the record while you dive into the sounds witch built nicely up throughout the whole album.
It starts out with a somewhat dark intro that makes you wonder what the fuck comes next,and that is actually some medieval sounding track with a very victorious feeling to it,note that this guy handle all the instruments himself and use only hardware witch is a plus in itself these days.
As I listen it continues into an empty realm,but while passing the track "Boots Of Justice" It's sounds like metal made with electronic instruments & pretty intense stuff.
It's built up like "Calm before the storm" music,you never know what to expect next. It's so nicely & chaotic done it1s hard to find words to describe it,the music is not chaotic though, just an expression.
The vocals are extremely cool & suits the music very well.

I can hear that he must have used a lot of time making these arrangements so good,if you listen to how nicely he has blended the guitars with the electronic parts alongside with sick beats & twisted breaks you'll hear what I mean as he has managed to get a lot of styles to fit in here without overdoing it. Many people fail when experimenting and making this kind music (I would probably gone mad before the output was ready) ,but this guy really made my day and hopefully yours to.
I do hope this release get the attention it deserves,so we can hear more from this brilliant artist.
I could go on forever & write a track to track review,but I see no reason other than to tell you to shut the fuck up and buy this album!

"The Category is Cognoscenti.
Not This Or That.
You will Enjoy The Album"

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  1. Great review, and the right attitude to listening :) thank you!