Doom's Day - The Unholy

Release Date: 12.04.2012
Label: PRC MUSIC (
Format: CD, Digital & T-shirt
Promotion: Explosive PR 

Hailing from the Quebec city region in QC, Canada, this new project is taking the local scene by storm... and then some. Project leader Doom is busy putting together a solid line up for a bunch of up coming shows around the province, which are expected to be something not to be missed. The album, The Unholy, originally released as a 50 copies hand numbered CDR, is being re-pressed and officially released by PRC MUSIC (Talamyus, Beyond Creation, Negativa, Salwart) on december 4th, on CD and in digital.

This outfit is new to me and I must say they leave a very good first impression already at the first listen. 

The cover is quite similar to Black Sabbath "Born Again"
Witch gives meaning after you hear this album.
This is back to the roots heavy/doom metal in the vein of bands like Ghost,Black Sabbath,Mercyful Fate,Venom,Heaven & Hel but with a new approach to it.
This album will take you back to the golden era of dark heavy metal with it's great & very easy to like melodies.
At times it reminds of Ghost,especially the vocals,but this is much more up-tempo.
It's a very melodic album with brilliant guitar sound that differs a bit from each track witch is very cool.
Also the 70's sounding keyboard is well played and makes the melodies just perfect.
It's extremely cool to hear such a splendid release since I really enjoy the way they make the music & I can actually listen to the whole album without getting bored,cause it's not really any bad tracks on it luckily.

It's solid,well produced album and contains short but long lasting tracks that are easily memorable.
I can see this being a classic in the future.
I think this band will do it big in the future with such a strong debut as this they will for sure place them on the map!

Approved as fuck!!

The album is available for pre-orders at 7.99$ Canadian here:

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