Hjemlengsel (Nor) - Hjemlengsel

Hjemlengsel (Nor) - Hjemlengsel

Released 27.July 2010

downtempo/metal act started up as an idead at a nachspiel in 2007 but nothing happened before late 2008.
3 tracks where recorded in 2009.

I decided to write about this despite the fact that it's a year old now.

What you get is ambient/down tempo metal with a very relaxing feel to it.
The melodies are mostly instrumental except one that has a sort of female folkish sample in it.
A very atmospheric demo combined with nicely played guitar and samlped voices & effects to build up the atmosphere,and they manage to do that.
At times it reminds me of 70's doom metal with their epic arrangements & playing.
This is overall a pretty good demo/jam and if they continue to progress in this direction I must say that I look forward to hearing more from these guys.
I advice you to dowload their tracks for free here :

It's for sure worth a listen!!

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