INCANTATION Comments On Recent Tour; Reveals New Album Title

After a successful trek through Brazil with IMMOLATION and European summer festival campaign, death metal pioneers INCANTATION are back in the U.S. to wrap up work on their long-awaited eighth album. The band had this to say about the tour:

Guitarist/vocalist John McEntee: "I would like to thank everyone on behalf of INCANTATION for making this festival run our most successful to date. To get the opportunity to play for so many diehard death metal fans was absolutely amazing. We are especially thankful to all our supporters for giving us a warm welcome at all the festivals, you guys were amazing and totally raging every day. Most of all we would like to thank Sam Inzerra [Mortician / Funerus] for doing a phenomenal job filling in for Kyle  on drums. Without you this run would probably not be able to happen."

Bassist Chuck Sherwood: "To the hoards of thousands that littered the fests of this past run. Old friends and new, brothers whom we shared a stage, and the  unmatched support of the staff of each fest respectively. It's my hope that our performance reflected the metal rage that you gave us, Hails!'
Live footage of INCANTATION performing at Motocultor Festival 2012 in France has been posted at this location.

 In other news, the band has revealed that their forthcoming release will be a concept album entitled Vanquish in Vengeance
. Expect a November release via Listenable Records.
McEntee comments: "The title track is about the massacre of Saxons in the town of Verdun in 782, called on by order of King Charlemagne. As an album title it has a different meaning to me. Vanquish in Vengeance symbolizes the long history of the band. We have fought many battles over the years to keep things going. We have always stayed true to our original vision and have never caved into trends. After a long wait between albums we are back with a vengeance with some of our darkest and heaviest material to date."  

Chuck Sherwood - Bass
Alex Bouks - Guitar
Kyle Severn - Drums
John McEntee - Guitar, Vocals

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