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1.March 2013

Taake celebrates 20 years of True Norwegian Black Metal

Having started the band way back in 1993, mainman Hoest now celebrates 20 years of staying true to form by releasing a 20 song 2 CD collection of Taake rarities.

Taake witch are celebrating their 20th year anniversary has decided to release a double disc this year containing 20 tracks of rarities consisting of two brand new tracks,bonus tracks from the vinyl versions and alternate versions & several from compilations.
All nicely presented on this 2 disc collection.

The first two tracks,the new ones 'Et Pust Av Oyene' & 'Hov Var Stein' sounds like a continuation of what they did on 'Noregs Vaapen' and are both pretty good tracks and should be essential listening if you like their previous works as these tracks easily could fit into their previous full lenght.
Especially when listening to 'Et pust Av Oyene' I can't stop thinking of 'Norbundet' and winter in general as I think they captured the same cold athmosphere on this one.

As I listen 'Hov Var Stein' I get this 'typical' but brilliant feeling while listening to Taake,very sick,twisted,melodic in it's own unique way.
Some people may wonder why they release this collection of pre-released tracks,since most of the fans probably have heard most tracks before except the unreleased.

But I think it's a good way to mark their anniversary so one can have all their bonus tracks from vinyls,compilations & rarities in one collection.

Overall a good release with a great selection of tracks,and I reallty enjoy the new tracks and some of the alternate tracks I haven't heard to much before. 
My credits to Taake for never giving up and going stronger than ever after 20 years of True Norwegian Black Metal !

There are few bands that captures me the way black metal used to,but this band continue to make music that makes me think of my nordic roots & inheritance while listening, and I have to salute them for that and congratulate with 20 years gone in a blast!


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