Munruthel - CREEDamage

I had no expectations about this album whatsoever,as Iv'e never heard of the band before,
but as it I listen to it ,it reveals more each time.
To describe it in a few words is hard cause this album has got it all.
It's pagan inspired metal with a very calm atmosphere to it overall.
They are very good at combining the more epic synth parts with the more faster parts and it works very well.
Many of the tracka are very symphonic and majestic composed it beautiful & brilliant done.
Their use of clean,screamy,female vocals is just excellent blended within the music.
The also use a lot of medieval instruments witch lift it up a bit.
The whole album is overall very varied with calm almost like ambient parts to more heavier parts. and it's done well,sounds like nothing is left to chance here.
Even though this is not what I usually listen to,I fell in love with it a first listen actually.
And they have also done a pretty good cover of Bathory "The Lake"
This is one of this albums you can listen to from start to end without getting bored once.
A beautful album from start to funish.
So lean back and enjoy this masterpiece!


The luckiest among you were recently treated to Epoch of Aquarius, the phenomenal Svarga Music reissue from Ukrainian Pagan/Folk Metallers MUNRUTHEL. Well, you ain't heard nothin' yet! On November 12th the new MUNRUTHEL masterpiece,CREEDamage, will be released on Svarga Music. Performed in the finest traditions of Symphonic Pagan Metal, the new album also features guest vocals from Masha "Scream" (ARKONA) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER), as well as a cracking cover of BATHORY's "The Lake."

MUNRUTHEL's most mature work to date, the album's musical canvas is decorated not only with the atmospheric dabs inherent in early works of the project's composer, but also with the aggressive riffing first heard on Oriana's Tales and fully revealed on Epoch of Aquarius.CREEDamage will be more interesting to the admirers of a heavy guitar sound that is matched with powerful orchestral arrangements and graceful atmospherics.

The album concept covers topics that have been explored by the composer since MUNRUTHEL's origin in 1995. Specifically, it concerns his boundless love for Mother Nature, as an embodiment of native, natural beliefs and a primordial pagan outlook. The track "Carpathians' Shield" is dedicated to the memory of last known Molphar (traditional sorcerer by birth in Carpathian culture) Mikhail Nechay (24.02.1930 - 14.07.2011), who was killed in the summer of 2011 by a Christian zealot.

CREEDamage will be released in standard jewel-case and limited 6-panel digipak formats.

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