Heading towards the future..

Things will change a bit from now on. We will head for new directions,first of all there will be more interviews with bands and all types of artists since we're now starting to get more organized as a staff and therefore more time and effort into the mag. There will of course still be reviews ,but as said we'll concentrate more on artists/persons with strong opinions ,without revealing too much right mow,my co-worker has more time and has gone more into what Skullfukker is all about,thus it's easier for me to focus on other things.
And the staff has been dealing with own personal issues & changes in private life the previous months.
We will improve the mag gradually you'll see more articles/portraits in the future as I did not start this just to listen & write about new music all day.
We won't tell you that much more really except that there will be change in the near future.
If you can't handle people with different or more extreme opinions for instance Scullfucker is nothing for you!

2012 has gone by in a blast but I feel things are more established now,so as we enter 2013 we will work harder,keep you updated and cover more bands,as well as more live interview,since doing all through mail can be a bit stiff as you probably know. It takes a while to achieve what you aim for,but I feel this year has been constructive/productive & messy as fuck ,we don't learn from mistakes,we just change things. (or maybe I should say "I" instead of "we".. Since this extra announcement is Gravarsons own little ego-trip and nothing else.
To sum it up short,I will aim higher to reach my goals and not settle with anything better than the best possible!


The SF Family

Frøya Montezino

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