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SKROG Unleashes The Global Elite Today
The Global Elite, the debut album from Minneapolis industrial metal war machine SKROG, is now available on CD format. The album can be purchased at and is also available as a digital download at

Check out this interview with SKROG mastermind Jay Reiter on Tragedy Axe.

SKROG is the work of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/composer Jay Reiter and The Global Elite is an explosive, damning account of the current state of American politics and policies. Sonically speaking, SKROG draws influence from bands spanning a wide musical spectrum of dark music - from the dance/techno styles of LORD OF ACID, SKINNY PUPPY, and FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY all the way to SLAYER, MINISTRY, CHIMAIRA, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, and CANNIBAL CORPSE. Indeed, elements of black metal, death metal, doom, and thrash can all be heard in one form or another on The Global Elite.  In SKROG Reiter has developed a means of pushing industrial metal into a more modern and aggressive form of music.
SKROG recently posted a video for "Dark Metamorphosis" at this location

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Track Commentary on The Global Elite from Jay Reiter

"The album starts out with 'The Revelation', a song which draws parallels between the current global state of affairs and the last book of the Bible. The second track, 'MK-Ultra,' is a song about the declassified CIA operation that involved dosing unaware U.S. citizens with illegal mind altering drugs. Military Industrial Complex uses samples from Eisenhower's farewell address and JFK's 'Monolithic' speech to paint a grim picture of an unheeded warning against current military expansion. The fourth track, 'Submit,' is a fast paced declaration of resistance against the Global Elite.' End of the World (As You Know It),' the album's fifth track, is a prediction of the end of peace in America and the start of global nuclear war. The album takes a turn at the sixth track into political doom and gloom; 'Dark Metamorphosis' poses a more surreal apocalypse - the rise of the undead. 'The Hunter' and 'The Hunted' comprise a two-part concept; the former an instrumental that takes the listener through a soundscape of the synthetic and the acoustic, the latter being a fast paced thrash song about the lives of the elite through their own eyes."   


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