Nidingr (Nor) - Greates Of Deceivers

Nidingr is back with their 3rd full-lenght and I've had big exceptations for this album since I've enjoyed the band since I heard their first full lenght that blew me away!

"Wolf-Father" somewhat disappointed me for some reason as I felt there was something missing.
Not that it was bad but I wanted more of that genuine sound they had on their first.
And when I listen to this all I manage to think is finally!
Cause they have done exactly what I was hoping for witch is combining the best elements from both of the previous albums.
And I get same feeling as when I heard "Sorrow & Infinite Darkness.. "

They leave room for some more atmospheric parts handled by Telochs insanely good riffs and actually clean vocals not all the way but rather as a small uplifting thing that works just great ,but still they manage to keep the brutality thanks to the rest of the bands amazing job on this killer release!
I've never had any doubts about Nidingr,but to be honest with "Greatest Of Decievers" they have done it all and are "back on track" in my ears.
The musicianship,the atmosphere & again the brilliant guitars blended with the sick vocals & tempo they are known for this could not go wrong,not one second!

It's delightful to hear that the musicians and brain behind this band has grown musically together as a band, that being said I don't understand why such  great band like this don't get more attention.
Just as I thought the "metal year anno 2012" was over this album just blows me away in every sense.
I have nothing more to say,but to bow down and thank Nidingr for their overall best release so far here!
Pure quality all the way,and if you wonder what Nidingr is about then go to your local dealer and demand it!
If you like this band from before you'll worship 'em now.

“Greatest of Deceivers” is out on November 16th in Norway and on November 20th in Europe/US, via Indie Recordings.

Release Party will follow on November 15. in Oslo for more info check their facebook page/event.

Highly Recommended!!

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