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CHAPEL OF DISEASE Debut, Summoning Black Gods
Out December 8th on FDA Rekotz

CHAPEL OF DISEASE, from Cologne, Germany, presents eight malodorous new tracks on their long awaited debut album Summoning Black Gods, which will be unleashed December 8th, 2012 on FDA Rekotz. The album will be available on CD, LP (3 different versions) and digital formats.

This is creeping and catchy death metal with an authentic sick and fat wall of sound and putrid vocals. This masterpiece is a must for fans of the early MORGOTH, ASPHYX or DEATH. The band's April 2012 demo cassette, Death Evoked (demo of the month - Rock Hard Magazine), was sold out within a week of its release.

Album tracks "Descend to the Tomb" and Evocation of the Father" are streaming HERE

Visit to order.

Summoning Black Gods
Descend to the Tomb
Dead Spheres
Evocation of the Father
The Nameless City
Hymns of the New Land
Exili's Heritage
The Loved Dead

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CHAPEL OF DISEASE was formed in 2008. At first the band's lineup was Laurent T.(Vocals/Guitars), Cedric T. (Bass) and David D. (Drums). The band quickly recognized the need for a second guitar player and Christian K. was brought in to play bass Cedric stepped into fill the guitarist role. Though the band didn't work on music continually for the first few years of their existence, in 2011 the lads got their asses up and had the ambition to finally record their first "real" demo. In April 2012 CHAPEL OF DISEASE released the demo cassette, Death Evoked via FDA Rekotz. The response went over very well and the demo sold out within a week. CHAPEL OF DISEASE and FDA Rekotz decided on working together for the future as well. In the end of 2012 -hopefully before the total Armageddon- CHAPEL OF DISEASE will release its first full length...Let the rotten times roll!

Naturmacht Productions
Is an underground record label which acts against the ever growing commercialization of the music industry. Naturmacht Productions stands for support, promotion and distribution of good quality music. We believe strongly in quality instead of quantity.

We work with our musicians for they are the motor which drives us. We encourage creativity, freedom of musical expression and do not limit our artists to a certain type or style of music. There are no time constraints for our releases since we understand that creating good quality music takes dedication, inspiration, energy and a lot of hard work. We believe in honesty and fairness. This means full transparency between the label and the artist.

Thematically our focus is on nature, mythology, philosophy and history. Upon the music itself we place no borders.

We will not support any music or artists that align themselves with in any extreme political, racist, Aryan views.


Dead Beat Media Releases HUMANITY DELETE's Never Ending Nightmares Today

Never Ending Nightmares, the debut album from HUMANITY DELETE, is now available through Deat Beat Media.   
Masterminded by by one of extreme metal's most prolific artists Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Revolting, Demiurg, Bone Gnawer, etc),  the concept of  Never Ending Nightmares dates back to 2003 when HUMANITY DELETE was originally formed. Recently resurrected, the product of Johansson's evil genius has finally been unleashed upon the world. Apoch's Metal Review recently premiered the song "Necromantic Sorcery"  which is streaming at 

Never Ending Nightmares is now available at

Never Ending Nightmares is paranormal, post-apocalyptic Death Metal with Grind/Punk influences that will have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks! The cover artwork was done by Adam Geyer, with inner artwork also by Adam Geyer, as well as Ironworx Gravefix and Dzul Skam. Never Ending Nightmares was recorded by Rogga Johansson and mixed/mastered by Ronnie Björnström.

Future HUMANITY DELETE albums will continue with the paranormal experiences while also adding post-apocalyptic themes into the mix for a killer combination! HUMANITY DELETE is Rogga Johansson (vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, musical composition) with lyrics penned by Jill Girardi (Dead Beat Media) and guest guitar solos from Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace). You are strongly advised to make sure that closet door is closed and to check under your bed before that play button is pushed! 

Contact for press inquiries.   

HUMANITY DELETE was originally formed around 2003 by Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Demiurg, Bone Gnawer, etc). Some demo material was recorded but it was put aside for many years. In 2012, the band was resurrected from the dead, so to speak. Rogga single-handedly recorded 11 raw, dirty and ugly death metal tracks with a grind/punk approach. Jill Girardi (Dead Beat Media), who has been living in Malaysia for three years, was asked to write lyrics with the theme of Asian ghosts and creepy lore, which she has studied heavily, as anyone who reads up on the ghost lore of Asia knows it is one of the most terrifyingly haunted regions of the earth. To make it even better, Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace) was recruited to add some guest guitar solos to the music, to give it an even rawer feeling! To quote Lasse, "Think 'Kerry King' with a bad hangover!"


Founded in 2010, the language of these wonderful formation from Leipzig, Germany, is OPERA METAL. 
In the extremely inspired intersection out of the producing of artists such as Tristania, Haggard, Angizia and Tarja, 
MOLLLUST create independent songs, full of aesthetics, gracefulness and grace.  

On the new album „Schuld“ the East German ensemble shows his most strongest, most aesthetic, most emotional and in substance most profound side. 
The percussion and driving, distorted sounds of guitar and bass form the basement. 
On that the classic instrumentation encounters, consisting of piano and cello as well as an e-violin which connects both styles with an interplay between classic play and distortion.

'This band has gotten good feedback from media all over the world,and I have to say it's good even if it's not the music style I listen to the most.
Well produced,good melodies,recommended for fans of Nightwish,Evanessence etc.'

Band: MOLLLUST (Germany)
Release: "Schuld"  (Debut full-length, 2012)
Genre: Opera Metal
Label: Self-financed

MOLLLUST Short-Biography:
Founded in 2010, the language of these wonderful formation from Leipzig, Germany, is OPERA METAL. On the new album „Schuld“ the East German ensemble shows his most strongest, most aesthetic, most emotional and in substance most profound side. The percussion and driving, distorted sounds of guitar and bass form the basement. On that the classic instrumentation encounters, consisting of piano and cello as well as an e-violin which connects both styles with an interplay between classic play and distortion.

The warm, rather darkly colored lyrical soprano, occasionally supported through the straighter man‘s voice, crowns the sound of MOLLLUST. With arrangements out of classic feather, the six Leipzig residents concern the interesting Crossover of a classic side, without neglecting at the same time the Metal. All together yields an organic sound, stratified, frequently demanding, and at the same time also emotionally and catchily. Interested ones make itself at best a picture of the moving music of the German group. Perhaps you feel then with MOLLLUST, what enthuses and moves them. For MOLLLUST, their music is passion and more than only an sequence of tones. Words can describe that only insufficiently. 


Janika Groß - vocals, piano
Frank Schumacher - e-guitar, vocals
Sandrine B. - e-violin
Lisa H. - cello
Johannes Hank - bass
Tommaso Soru - drums


Godless, the new album from Danish old school death metallers DEUS OTIOSUS is out now on Deepsend Records. The Danes' sophomore effort (and first for Deepsend).

'Godless is an essential album if  dark,melodic death metal with some thrash influences is your thing.
This one has all the ingredients of a good album,and it's a pleasure listening to this one.
Deus Otiosus know how to make quality tracks and captures the listener with 8 decent tracks,not to be missed out on if you want some quality metal. If there will be a vinyl version of this I will buy it.
The adorable thing about this record is the variation & the slow songs witch is really moody and makes the overall arrangement brilliant,and one of those records you can listen all the way through.
Dark,groovy & thrashing riffs ,but at the same time atmospheric metal.
An album that clearly stand on it's own feet.'   

Visit the Deepsend Records Webstore for ordering info.

The band has issued a track-by-track commentary that gives an in-depth look on each of the songs on Godless. Read it below: 

#1 "Snakes Of The Low":
"Snakes Of The Low" was one of the last songs we finished for Godless. After the initial rehearsals of the song, we all agreed that this would be the obvious album opener. Its fast and aggressive death-thrash style drips with Nietzschean venom. Yet the song never reaches a pace that could give the wrong idea about the general feel of the album.

#2 "In Harm's Way":
The second song is kick-started by our new drummer, Jesper Olsen. "In Harm's Way" is actually one of the oldest songs on the album, as it was originally written for my former band, Cerekloth, around 2009. But the song has seen a thorough reworking to fit the standards of the new album. Drum-arrangements, guitar harmonies, leads, vocal lines, breaks and the drum intro itself are all new. This mid-paced track is meant to point out that whether it's death metal or rock n' roll is immaterial, a good song is a good song.

#3 "New Dawn":
Here Godless almost grinds down to a halt, as "New Dawn" shows the slow, heavy side of the album. As this tune slowly drags forward the image of a new world order is laid out. The heaviest tune on the Murderer album was called "Ashworld", and where the old world burnt in this song, the foundations of a new one are laid in "New Dawn".   

#4 "Pest Grave":
After "New Dawn", "Pest Grave" is meant to shock start the heart once again, as the fastest, most raging song of the album so far kicks in. The chorus and pre-chorus to "Pest Grave" were actually among the first things ever written for Deus Otiosus, so the oldest parts are from 2005, while the majority of the song came later as we were writing the rest of Godless. In speed and catchiness "Pest Grave" mimics the black death itself as it spread across medieval Europe.

#5 "Surrounded By The Dead":
"Surrounded By The Dead" is a continuation of the bands' "The Dead"-series started on Murderer with "Thousand Arms Of The Dead"; or could even say by "Death Lives Again" on the demo by the same name. Like it's predecessor "Surrounded By The Dead" shows more a more stylistically traditional approach to old school death metal, obviously accompanied by lyrics about supernatural, undead horror.

#6 "Cast From Heaven":
Like "In Harm's Way" this is one of the oldest songs on the album, originally written during my time in Church Bizarre around 2008 or so. I've always felt that "Cast From Heaven" was the best song I wrote during those days, so I'm glad to finally have it recorded in a good studio version. Once again the song has been heavily re-written and is minutes shorter than the original version. "Cast From Heaven" once again shows a new side of the album, as it takes off into more epic and melodic territory to accompany the Milton-inspired lyrics about the fall of the rebel angels.

#7 "Face The Enemy":
From the melody of "Cast From Heaven" the album reverts right back into one of its most caveman-like moments with the opening riff of "Face The Enemy". An aggressive, violent, up-tempo and straight forward song about stomping down your enemies.

#8 "Death Dance":
If there is a standout track on Godless it is the closer, "Death Dance". Once again the pulse slows down and the melody returns. But that is not all. The song is inspired about the artistic, medieval metaphor of 'La Grande Danse Macabre' or 'Totentanz'; and not just lyrically. "Death Dance" is, as the title suggests, a twisted and morbid death-waltz.

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, who recently signed with FDA Rekotz, have posted a brand new track off their forthcoming album, Sempiternal Death Grind. Listen to the song S.O.S. below :

There is an abundance of (early) CARCASS worshiping bands around the globe, but there are three that posses the same old, rotten spirit and the same musically quality like the UK cult band. General Surgery, Haemorrhage and the Spanish gore-hounds known as GRUESOME STUFF RELISH. On previous releases the band showed us the direction straight to the crypt to your most horrible nightmares with a stunningly intense brand of classic Death Metal and gory Grindcore. After two full length albums and various split releases it's time for album number three - Sempiternal Death Grind. This is the most intense and creepy material the band has written to date.

The album will be released on January 25th. 2013 on CD, LP (three different versions) and Digital Download. The DIE HARD LP version will be limited to 50 copies only, clear vinyl + poster + CD version !!! The GORE-HOUND LP version will be limited to 150 copies in red vinyl + poster. The third LP version, called CRYPT, is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

An official video-clip for the track "Desecrated" will be up next week, we'll keep you informed!

Pre-sale for the album starts on Thursday, December 6th. Be there, place your order or suffer in pain !

1. A Date With Fulci
2. Desecrated
3. Deadlicious Feast
4. S.O.S.
5. They Are The Plague
6. End Is Near
7. They Follow Your Scent
8. Became A Zombie
9. Gruesome Stuff Relish
10. Sex Drugs & Grind
11. In Death We Breath
12. Scratching The Violet Velvet

Germany's rancid death metallers DESERTED FEAR have released a video for the song "Field of Death," off their debut album, My Empire, which was released earlier this year by FDA Rekotz.


Influenced by the Death Metal spirit of the early 90s, DESERTED FEAR takes murderous command on this brutal and catchy mix of classic American and Scandinavian Death Metal on My Empire. Mixed and mastered by DAN SWANÖ at Unisound Studio, this album is a mandatory purchase for fans of IMMOLATION, early MORBID ANGEL, and DISMEMBER. Get some!

My Empire is available at

"Advice for all new listeners, if you are distracted right now by the tits of your classmate, this album may decapitate all of you since the fucking first track."
- Zombie Ritual Fanzine
"Fans of modern Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, or Fleshcrawl, or The IVth Crusade should be first in line for this record, because it maintains that same marriage of blustering studio clarity and ceaseless, pulverizing aggression that those bands honor; but it will also hold a lot of appeal for those into Swedish veterans Dismember, Grave and Unleashed."
- From the Dust Returned
" album that does what you want it to, with pummelling drum work, biting gritty guitar riffing and solos, earth shaking bass lines and vocals that will make deathcore bands scurry away like frightened vermin."

Contact for press inquiries.


SACRED STEEL Signs With Cruz Del Sur;
The Bloodshed Summoning Coming in February

...Come on! You know who SACRED STEEL is!
What more should be said about them? Do we really need to introduce a band that has been on Metal Blade and Massacre Records, that has released eight full length albums and an additional three EP's? Here is a track from an earlier album 'Iron Blessings' in case you've never heard of 'em!
Let's just say that the new album is called The Bloodshed Summoning and comes four years after their 2009 release Carnage Victory, but for old and new fans of SACRED STEEL, this one is well worth the long wait.

The Bloodshed Summoning concentrates as  lethal s dose of heavy riffing and aggression as any serious metal release should be made of, with moments that border on the edge of thrash metal.

The Bloodshed Summoning will be released February 16th  2013 through Cruz Del Sur Music on compact disc with three bonus tracks (including one Misfits cover), limited edition vinyl and digital formats.
For a complete history on SACRED STEEL visit 

Storm of Fire 1916  
No God / No Religion 
When the Siren Calls 
The Darkness of Angels 
The Bloodshed Summoning 
Under the Banner of Blasphemy 
Black Towers  
Crypts of the Fallen  
The Night They Came To Kill  
Join the Congregation  
Journey Into Purgatory   
Doomed to Eternal Hell
(CD Bonus Tracks)
Perversions of the scriptures
Unbinding the chains
Dig Up Her bones (Misfits cover)

Get in touch at for press inquiries.

Kai Schindelar /Bass 

Jens Sonnenberg / Guitars 

Mathias Straub / Drums 

Jonas Khalil / Guitars 

Gerrit P. Mutz  / Vocals


DEHUMANIZED Release Controlled Elite;
Announce Hurricane Sandy Relief Benefit Show

For the first time in 14 years, NYC death metal squad DEHUMANIZED has unleashed an album upon the masses.

Controlled Elite, which features guest appearances from SUFFOCATION's Terrance Hobbs and Frank Mullen, is now available through Comatose Music. The band recently teamed up with for an exclusive premier of the song "Root of Evil," which features a guitar solo from Terrance Hobbs. Controlled Elite can be purchased online at

DEHUMANIZED has announced a string of live dates for December, including a benefit show for Hurricane Sandy relief on Friday, December 21st at Broadway Bar in Amityville, NY. The show, presented by TC Productions, also features WITHOUT REMORSE, TORN CONSTELLATION, VINCENT PRICE IS RIGHT and IN THE PATH OF TITANS. Cover charge is $10 with food/clothing donation or &12 without. All funds and donations will go to benefit the Long Island victims of Hurricane Sandy.


December 8th @ The Morgan - Brooklyn, NY - CD Release Show
December 15th @ Harper's Pub - Clementon, NJ - South Jersey Metal & Hardcore Fest
December 21st @ Broadway Bar - Amityville, NY - Hurricane Slamdy Relief Benefit
December 22nd @ O'Brien's Pub - Allston, MA

For details visit
The history of DEHUMANIZED dates back to the mid-90s, an era that saw the rise of several legendary New York death metal acts, not the least of which included SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, and PYREXIA. In 1998 DEHUMANIZED released their debut album Prophecies Foretold. The album was a savage crash course into the classic style of New York slam death metal. As a result of this impressive release they are now considered by many as one of the bands who helped define and shape the undeniable sound and feel of New York death metal. After reforming last year, DEHUMANIZED inked a multi-album contract with Comatose Music and have since been bulldozing their way back onto the US death metal scene. Controlled Elite was recorded at Full Force Studio in Long Island, NY and engineered by Joe Cincotta.

"From track to track, Controlled Elite hits you with riff after riff and intense blast beats all while the vocals are bashing you into the ground." -"Controlled Elite is metal mayhem at its best. Putting Dehumanized back on their rightful throne as masters of the art of slam/death metal" -

Digital promos for Controlled Elite are available for review, interview and airplay consideration. Contact for inquiries.

ANTROPOFAGUS Release Video For "Sanguinis Bestiae Solium"

Italian death metal blasters ANTROPOFAGUS unveil their first ever official music video for the song "Sanguinis Bestiae Solium" from their 2012 Comatose Music release Architecture of Lust.

The video was directed by Davide Cilloni and filmed on location at a deconsecrated church in Balestrino (SV, Italy). Check it out below :

After being dormant for nearly 10 years, Italian maniacs ANTROPOFAGUS has awakened! The band's brutal return to the death metal scene
Architecture of Lust, is out now through Comatose Music. Musically, their approach has evolved into a more technical style, yet sustains a classic death metal presence with frantic riffing and supreme drumming courtesy of Davide "Brutal Dave" Billia (Putridity and Septycal Gorge). Lyrics are inspired by the deranged works of Clive Barker and thrive with gore and sickness. Architecture of Lust comes complete with an awesome 16 page booklet. This CD is the embodiment of evil and sure to be a top release in 2012! For fans ofHour of Penance, Nile, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Immolation.

Architecture of Lust
is available at

"Antropofagus pumps out non-stop brutality." -"'Architecture of Lust' is a testosterone-infused monstrosity to be admired. ANTROPROFAGUS rips down its enemies whilst flexing its brutish ability; a creation that is destructively heavy to its very last cell.-"Throughout Architecture of Lust, Antropofagus deliver solid, yet restrained technical death metal that is not only well played but just damned fun to listen to."
"Architecture of Lust is a must have death metal release for 2012. Fucking.Perfect. Death.Metal."  - Teeth of the Divine

AGONY LORDS' A Tomb for the Haunted Out Today;
Album Streaming On

A Tomb for the Haunted, the long awaited new album from Mexico's legendary AGONY LORDS, is now available on Chaos Records.   

To mark the band's return, is now streaming A Tomb for the Haunted in its entirety. Visit to listen.  

After a decade in the shadows the band returns with their most fully realized effort, one anchored in dark 'n powerful melodies and a mighty melo-death punch that in combination can only be termed Graveyard Occult Metal. A Tomb for the Haunted is a concept album consisting of 10 dark chapters extracted directly from the crypt.  

The album is available as a six-panel digipak with a 24-page booklet that includes artwork, history and lyrics for each track. A special limited edition version (500 copies) will also be available and includes bonus track "The Torture Never Stops" (W.A.S.P cover) and an exclusive bonus DVD with official videos; photo gallery; biography; the making of "The Spirit in the Tower" video; official bootlegs; and Unions recording sessions from 1992!  This is one album you don't want to miss!

Visit to order.

Watch the official video for "The Spirit in the Tower" below :

"...this is a good comeback for a band that probably should escape the obscurity they've so far existed in, and if you seek a melodic/death record with a clear difference from the heaps of At the Gates/Dark Tranquillity clones that usually clog this creative drainpipe, you've just found it." - From the Dust Returned

Contact for press inquiries.

The band formed in 1989 under the name of Ripping Flesh. Two tapes, a rehearsal demo and the demo tape Parallel Windows were released as well his last legacy under that name a 7 inch vinyl called Mercy on Mexican label Reborn Records, all of which are now collector's items. The last release in particular got great reviews by the underground press.
For the production of their first album the band evolves and changes its name to Agony Lords in 1992, thus creating a more complex and dark form of death metal and releasing three albums.  In 1993 Unions was released by Avanzada Metalica (later reissued by Oz Productions). Four years later the band's best work to date was released: The Sun of the Cursed under Oz Productions once again. Finally in 1999 Agony Lords releases Nihilist Passion on X Rated Records before disbanding.
In 2008 the band returns to the scene with the reissue of The Sun of The Cursed in a remastered version, this time with Mexican label The Art Records. The band plays some shows to support the release and due to the great reception from Agony Lords fans the band decides to record a new release A Tomb for the Haunted, soon to be released by Chaos Records. Graveyard Occult Metal is the only apt definition for a band that possesses this creativity. These lords of agony nowadays sound like the funeral embodiment that invokes the sound of VENOM, KING DIAMOND, SENTENCED and DEATH that one minute is haunting you with a doomed riff and the next grabbing your neck with a fast guitar attack, all wrapped in a feeling of hopelessness.    



Band: INCURSED (Spain)
Release: "Fimbulwinter"  (Full-length, 2012)
Genre: Epic Viking Metal
Label: Self-financed


INCURSED was formed in October 2007 by Narot and Sergio. Their first EP, "Time To Unsheathe Our Rusty Swords", was released in 2009. In 2010 band's line-up was completed and released their first full-length, called "Morituri". A year later INCURSED changed its line-up. They became fairly known in Bilbao and some other places in Spain, and even played in Italy due to a contest won in Bilbao. INCURSED have now high expectations with their new studio album, "Fimbulwinter", released in November 2012.

Great hymns, strongly recommended to all followers of MOONSORROW, FALKENBACH, ENSIFERUM, legendary MITHOTYN, early THYRFING, EINHERJER & TURISAS!!!
INCURSED, formed in October 2007, delivering finest classic EPIC VIKING METAL !!!



„Time To Unsheathe Our Rusty Swords“ - EP 2009
„Morituri“ - full-lenght 2010
„Fimbulwinter“ – full-lenght November 2012

Narot Santos - Vocals and guitar
Jon Koldo Tera "Jonkol" - Vocals and keyboards
Asier Fernandez - Guitar
Juan Sampedro - Bass
Asier Amo "Amo" - Drums



Danish Nordic Folk Metal talents HULDRE serve even highest demands with their brilliant debut album "Intet Menneskebarn" !
"Intet Menneskebarn" is a bright feast for every lover of Folk Metal.
Similar to bands like Ensiferum,Korpiklaani,Eluvetitie & Tyr

Release: "Intet Menneskebarn"  (Debut album, 2012)
Genre: Nordic Folk Metal
Label: Self-financed


Huldre is a Danish folk metal act with strong emphasis on the folk elements of this genre. Pulling on the varied backgrounds of its seasoned and experienced musicians, Huldre creates heavy and melodic folk metal based on the legacy of medieval Danish and Nordic folk music. Huldre is dedicated to delivering a unique form of folkmetal where both folk and metal are equals and interwoven into an audio tapestry of heavy frolicking and headbanging delight.

Huldre has been compared to bands like early Lumsk and Gåte while the live performances has been described as "[...]this could easily have been a dance-moshpit which could rival the best of Korpiklaani" (

Huldres first full-length album "Intet Menneskebarn" was released at summer solstice 2012 (21th of June). It was largely self-financed and self-released although with distribution aid and consulting from Dansk Musiker Forbund (Danish Musicians Union) label “Gateway”. It was recorded at LSD-studios in Lübeck, Germany and engineered, mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert. The album is available physically from Gateway Music: and digitally from places like Spotify and iTunes.

Huldre has its beginnings back in 2006 with Bjarne Kristiansen (Bass), Laura Beck (Violin) and Nanna Barslev (Vocals) but it wasn't until early 2009 that Huldre, as you know it today, really started to take shape with the addition of Lasse Olufson (Guitar) and Mikael Skou (Drums).

In late 2009 Mikael left the band to pursue other goals and his replacement was found in drummer Jacob Lund and during the following year Huldre recorded a low-budget, selftitled 5-track demo and made it available to the public for free. The demo served as a sort of business card and landed the band a lot of gigs as well as fans.

In 2010 the band was joined by Aarhus based flute and hurdy-gurdy player Troels Nørgaard and thus the lineup of today was complete.

The 6 members of Huldre have backgrounds in genres such as trad. acoustic medieval music, death & black metal, reggae, trad. Danish folk music, classical music and from bands such as Gny, Lurpakket, Asynje, Virelai, Submission, Eldjudnir, Roskilde Symphony Orchestra and Voodoom.



"Huldre" - Demo, 2010
"Intet Menneskebarn" - Full-length, 2012


Vocal: Nanna Barslev
Violin: Laura Emilie Beck
HurdyGurdy/Flutes: Troels Dueholm Nørgaard
Guitar: Lasse Olufson
Bass: Bjarne Kristiansen
Drums: Jacob Lund




New track off Coils of the Black Earth, the forthcoming debut from Finnish blackened death metal horde MAVETH.

The song, entitled "Sating Erictho," brilliantly showcases the band's pulverizing and relentless brand of death metal and can be heard here and two more :

The hellish blend of brutality and blasphemy that is Coils of the Black Earth will be available on CD and double-LP (black & grey splatter) on December 15th through Dark Descent Records. Go HERE to pre-order.   

"Maveth have conjured one hell of a crushing death metal album, plain and simple."
- Worm Gear

Contact for press inquiries.  

Formed in 2007, Finland's Maveth finally break through with their debut full-length. Showing their strength through live shows and their two releases (2010's EP Of Serpent and Shadow and 2011's demo Impious Servant), Maveth gave us a glimpse of their suffocating and brutal style. Now Maveth is here to fully showcase their brand of utter domination in the form of Coils of the Black Earth. Almost one hour in length, Coils... is a haunting release both sonically and aesthetically featuring artwork by the infamous Daniel Desecrator. Prepare for annihilation.

ChristButcher - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Jani Nupponen - Bass
Mikko Karvinen - Guitar
Ville Markkanen - Drums


Full Stream of DESOLATE SHRINE's The Sanctum of Human Darkness Now Playing at


Finland's largest and longest-running metal site,, is now streaming the newest release from DESOLATE SHRINE, The Sanctum of Human Darkness, in its entirety.

Over a year and a half after decimating ear drums with the sounds from their debut album Tenebrous Towers, DESOLATE SHRINE returns with their highly anticipated and very dark sophomore release. The Sanctum of Human Darkness is nearly 55 minutes of dark, misanthropic death metal which is a reminder why Finland remains home to some of the nastiest death metal today. The album will be available on December 15th on Dark Descent Records.

Become one with the darkness at this location.

For more on DESOLATE SHRINE visit    


"The Sanctum of Human Darkness is, simply put, one of the best death metal albums I've ever heard." - Hammer Smashed Sound"Not for the faint of heart, Desolate Shrine create devilish death metal that intends to hurt, or terrify the curious populace with their otherworldly adaptation of suffering through art." 

- Worm Gear 


L.L. - All Instruments 

M.L. - Vocals 

R.S. - Vocals  


Candlelight Records today confirms the worldwide signing of DEMON LUNG. The Las Vegas-based quartet, featuring guitarist Phil Burns, bassist Patrick Warren, drummer Jeremy Brenton, and vocalist Shanda Fredrick, is scheduled to begin recording of their full-length debut at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California with producer Billy Anderson (Sleep, High on Fire, Eyehategod) in the coming weeks. It is anticipated for a Spring 2013 release date. The band comments:

“We are very honored to join the Candlelight roster. To be included among such talented artists is very humbling, and we thank the great people at Candlelight for giving us the opportunity.”
A video for the song “Lament Code,” directed by Dustin Mills, the mastermind behind The Puppet Monster Massacre, is available above.


Acaro Tour With Killswitch Engage Kicks Off This Week;
Debut Album Streaming At

Massachusetts metallers Acaro will kick off their tour with Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall as part of the KsE Tenth Anniversary "Alive or Just Breathing" Tour on Saturday, November 24th at the NOS Event Center. 

Acaro will fill the opening slot for one of 2012's most anticipated tours that will see a Jesse Leach-fronted Killswitch Engage performing their classic Alive or Just Breathing in its entirety. Few bands have what it takes to rise to such an occasion, but Acaro's aggressive brand of melodic and modern thrash will undoubtedly fire up audiences as the band bulldozes a path across the nation. has posted a full album stream of Acaro's debut, The Disease of Fear for fans to check out before witnessing the band's face-melting live performance. Check it out at:
The Disease of Fear was released on October 2nd through Goomba Music. A video for the track "Becoming the Process" can be viewed below :

Contact to discuss interviews and guest list consideration.

They are ACARO and they are metal. They are 5 hard working individuals, who bring 5 different backgrounds to create 1 unique musical experience. They always give their audience more than they expect, and they will never be satisfied with their abilities.
ACARO's first show was in October 2008 at Ralph's Diner in Worcester, MA. They have been honored to play the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest in 2009 and 2010, the NEMHCF's SXSW stage in 2010, and have shared the stage with Unearth, In Flames, Gojira, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Winds of Plague, Suffocation, Acacia Strain, and many other national and regional touring bands.
Their goals are simple, to continue writing, recording, and performing at the highest level of their abilities, in as many places around the world as possible. The release of their first album The Disease of Fear, and the completion of the video for, "Becoming the Process", will help to achieve those goals.
By bringing the old into the 21st Century, and keeping the new grounded to its roots, ACARO achieves the Brutal/Melodic blend that can stir emotions and hit you over the head with a sledge-hammer at the same time. These individuals are brought together by the love of Metal, the drive to create, the desire to succeed, and the need to bring ACARO's music and energy to as many people, in as many places as possible.
Nothing comes without hard work and no one will work harder. ACARO is not just a band, it is a way of life for all involved and all it touches. They are ACARO and they believe. Soon, so will you.
Chris Harrell - Vocals
Felipe Roa - Guitars
Chris Robinson - Guitars
Kevin Smith - Bass
Jason Fitzgerald - Drums


Old School Black/Death Metal Band KING CARNAGE Releases Advance
LP Demo Track, "Slashing in the Black"

From the one man musical force behind Trillion Red's Metaphere, comes a new project so shockingly brutal, it will wipe the face of the Earth clean. KING CARNAGE is the name. Remember it, you'll be begging it for mercy later. 

Lending and restarting from the 1994 occult demo Ligeia: In Death Overshadow Thee, KING CARNAGE is an Old School Black/Death Metal band with a new bloody edge. Filth, destruction and slaughter are what you will find.

The Left Hand, purveyor of all KING CARNAGE content and creation,has just released a one song demo track on Bandcamp, called "Slashing in the Black," as a brief introduce of what is to come. There will be an early 2013 full length LP coming via badGod Music titled Ounce of Mercy, Pound of Flesh, featuring nine songs in total.

Experience the carnage here :

Lick the blade of the dark, it is time to die!


Listenable Records To Release STICKY BOYS' This is Rock n' Roll
November 26 in North America

Listenable Records have set November 26th as the release date for the debut from Paris-based rockers STICKY BOYS, entitled This is Rock n' Roll.

This is Rock n' Roll is a no-nonsense, scorching dose of sticky rockin explosiveness! Make no mistake about it; this IS high voltage, ass kickin' rock and roll! The album was recorded with engineer Francis Caste at the Studio Ste Marthe in Paris in the summer of 2011. 

This Is Rock'n'Roll (intro)
Rock'n'Roll Nation
Bang That Head
Great Big Dynamite
Girls In The City
Big Thrill
Miss Saturday Night
The World Don't Go Round
Night Rocker
Fat Boy Charlie
The Way To Rock'n'Roll

Contact for press inquiries.

Sticky Boys was born in the summer of 2008 when Tom (drums) and Alex (guitar/ vocals) decided to put an end to all their ongoing musical projects basically.  They decided to give France something that has been missing for so long: a genuine and fuckin rock n' roll band! Soon, JB came to join them on bass and the group started their rockin' journey playing in clubs, pubs and even caves. They played everywhere they could in order to draw attention and generate more fans which worked successfully.  
After The Donnas and Nashville Pussy quickly took notice of this new raging and promising opening act, STICKY BOYS were asked to play live in an advert for the French national train company, which drew everyone in the attendance headbanging their heads off!. The ad caused real chaos nationally and increased the band 's ever growing fan base big time!. Many shows followed culminating into a furious appearance at HELLFEST in 2011 where people went berserk rocking out as if their lives depended on it.


MUNRUTHEL's CREEDamage Out Now On Svarga Music

CREEDamage, the fifth album from Ukrainian ambient folk pagan metal outfit MUNRUTHEL, is out now on Svarga Music.

Last month, the band and label allied themselves with a free download on the song "The Mown Dawns Lie on the Ground" (featuring guest vocals from Masha Scream of Russian pagan metallers ARKONA) from. Said track is still available at this location, but be aware that CREEDamage is an album best experienced in its entirety.

Visit to order CREEDamage on standard jewel-case CD, limited six-panel digipak or digital formats. A music video for the album's title track is currently playing on the site as well. 

Svarga Music has posted a video album teaser for CREEDamage at this location.

Performed in the finest traditions of Symphonic Pagan Metal, the new album features guest vocals from Masha "Scream" (ARKONA) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER), as well as a cracking cover of BATHORY's "The Lake."

MUNRUTHEL's most mature work to date, the album's musical canvas is decorated not only with the atmospheric dabs inherent in early works of the project's composer, but also with the aggressive riffing first heard on
Oriana's Tales and fully revealed on Epoch of Aquarius. CREEDamage will be more interesting to the admirers of a heavy guitar sound that is matched with powerful orchestral arrangements and graceful atmospherics.The album concept covers topics that have been explored by the composer since MUNRUTHEL's origin in 1995. Specifically, it concerns his boundless love for Mother Nature, as an embodiment of native, natural beliefs and a primordial pagan outlook. The track "Carpathians' Shield" is dedicated to the memory of last known Molphar (traditional sorcerer by birth in Carpathian culture) Mikhail Nechay (24.02.1930 - 14.07.2011), who was killed in the summer of 2011 by a Christian zealot.

I had no expectations about this album whatsoever,as I've never heard of the band before,
but as it I listen to it ,it reveals more each time.
To describe it in a few words is hard cause this album has got it all.
It's pagan inspired metal with a very calm atmosphere to it overall.
They are very good at combining the more epic synth parts with the more faster parts and it works very well.
Many of the tracks are very symphonic and majestic composed it beautiful & brilliant done.
Their use of clean,scream,female vocals is just excellent blended within the music.
The also use a lot of medieval instruments witch lift it up a bit.
The whole album is overall very varied with calm almost like ambient parts to more heavier parts. and it's done well,sounds like nothing is left to chance here.
Even though this is not what I usually listen to,I fell in love with it a first listen actually.
And they have also done a pretty good cover of Bathory "The Lake"
This is one of this albums you can listen to from start to end without getting bored once.
A beauitful album from start to finish.
So lean back and enjoy this masterpiece!

MUNRUTHEL Discography:

1995 The Ancients' Wisdom (demo as SILENTIUM)

1997 Yav, Nav i Prav

1999 Oriana Tales

2005 Kolo (as KOLO)

2006 Epoch of Aquarius

2011 The Dark Saga - Original Soundtrack

2012 CREEDamage

MANTICORE's Behold the Ascension of the Execrated
Out Now on Deathgasm Records

It's the one for which you've been waiting! Behold the Ascension of the Execrated,
MANTICORE's first full-length album since 2006's For Rats and Plague, offers all the filth, blasphemy, and bestial black/death metal you've come to expect from the veteran Cleveland, OH trio. Behold the Ascension of the Execrated was recorded in the basement of the Last House on the Left on the unholy days of October 12th and 13th by Don Sukis, Jr. who also mixed and mastered it.  Nestor Avalos is responsible for the wicked artwork.

Listen to album track "Denying the Resurrection" here :

Purchase Behold the Ascension of the Execrated at this location.

Behold the Ascension of the Execrated
From the Darkness Below
Abhorrent Baptism in the Vestal Cavity
Procession to Possession
Denying the Resurrection
Torn Apart by Hate
In Nomine Satanas [Venom cover]
Filth Upon Filth
Abolished Holy Conceit

"This album is utterly destructive and radioactive. I recommend posers stay away from it." - Dany Crusher (

Get in touch at for press inquiries.

IXITICHITL - Bass/Vocals
NABERIUS - Guitar/Vocals

Cystic Dysentery's Culture of Death
Out Now on Deathgasm Records

After an eight-year wait, the debut album from Jacksonville, Florida's CYSTIC DYSENTERY has finally arrived. Culture of Death is available now from Deathgasm Records. This is brutal, technical death metal with an old school feel. Included is an absolutely decimating treatment of SLAYER's "Born of Fire" that must be heard to be believed, as well as guest vocals from Mike Fortier (NAILSHITTER) on "Cadaverous Compost" and cover art by Jon Zig. Culture of Death is highly recommended for fans of SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS, ORIGIN, GORGUTS and DEEDS OF FLESH! Front cover artwork by Jon Zig.

Order Culture of Death from Deathgasm Records at this location.

1.    Parasitic Demise
2.    Dead Priest
3.    Head Wound
4.    Concussion
5.    Engulfed in Feces
6.    Cadaverous Compost
7.    Born of Fire [Slayer cover]
8.    Culture of Death

Get in touch at for press inquiries.

For more on CYSTIC DYSENTERY visit the band on Facebook:

Arizona Death Unit REIGN OF VENGEANCE (ROV) have released new single "Fuck The Recession: Kill Those That Caused It" today. The song will appear on upcoming EP The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion, which is scheduled for a November 20th release on ROV imprint Synister Empire Records.Buy it at

ROV vocalist Marshall Beck released the following statement about the upcoming EP:

"'The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion' is an EP crafted in the standard REIGN OF VENGEANCE new-school, horror-oriented, death metal fashion. As always this upcoming REIGN OF VENGEANCE album features musicians of the already proven and established top tier Metal and music industry Elite.

Contrary to REIGN OF VENGEANCE's previous release The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion is a concept EP. While other bands are currently tossing the [The All Seeing Eye] symbol around because it seems like the trendy thing to do, REIGN OF VENGEANCE front man Marshall "Fucking" Beck has grown to know its aims, its religion, and the goals of its sects of the powerful and of the Elite. He has grown to know THE faith in its power, its guidance, and the rewards for those that abide by its will.

With the age of Osiris having ended and the age of Isis coming to a close the New World Age (Order) of Horus shall bring forth a world peace that shall last throughout the remaining aeons of man'kind's' time. The second form of Atlantis shall rise forth and bring with it ONLY the enlightened and illuminated individuals.

With every revolution there is always ascension. Therefore, in order for ITS quest for world peace to be complete there must first be a massive internment and conflagration/decontamination of the flesh from billions, the flesh of the non-believers and ascenders from ITS Faith. REIGN OF VENGEANCE's 'The Final Solution: The Final Rebellion' focuses on what will enable this holocaust as well as how it will transpire through the eyes of the rebellious tiers-the common tiers-and the upper Elite tiers. But, do not worry common civilians-(vermin), this album is all just a work of fiction.... Sleep well."



Marshall "Fucking" Beck has 9 years of both professional and informal vocal training. He has shared the stage and recorded music with countless professional and world re-known Metal musicians. He has also booked over 450 Metal shows to date for other Metal bands- of all tiers- throughout the United States. Marshall prides himself in being an Elitist-an individual that strives for strength, education, intelligence, influence, and power through a collective of one's self and one's exoteric as well as esoteric allies.

Tim Gibson: A singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Wisconsin. Tim has written and toured with many major label acts in a wide variety of genres. He is currently allied with (sponsored by): DiMarzio, Maxon Pedals, Morley Pedals, Ebtech Audio, Dava Picks, Randall Amplifiers, and Laguna Guitars. Tim is a frequent clinician, guitar instructor both online and in person, as well as an instructional guitar author who is always ready to add to his list of accomplishments. Tim is also currently working on the soundtrack for a horror film that is scheduled for mass distribution that will be released in 2013.

Doug Williams: The original bassist for Cephalic Carnage and Origin. He has played bass for over 30 years. He was instrumental in the writing process for the music of both bands and therefore is a Grindcore/Death Metal pioneer. Doug's technique and style has been described countless times world- wide as a "Brutal, Pounding, Armored Assault". He has no mercy or empathy towards any other musicians or bands, this stems from the psychology of being a decorated Gulf War Veteran. With Doug's experience and knowledge for both music and combat REIGN OF VENGEANCE is made a more BRUTAL force of power on and off of the stage.

James Applegate: Aside from his full time membership in REIGN OF VENGEANCE, James does a prominent amount of session work. He has also appeared on Metal recordings with Exorbitance and Forlorn Path. James is able to play a variety of music including jazz, psychobilly, pop rock, and of the course the most important- extremely Crushing and BRUTAL Death fucking Metal (both old and New School). James is currently enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Although James Applegate is also a serious actor, having appeared in many theatrics, he publicly promises that there will be "no acting" when he delivers the merciless and beating brutality while he sits on the drum throne for REIGN OF VENGEANCE.

Dead Beat Media to release HUMANITY DELETE's
Never Ending Nightmares on December 4th

Extreme metal's most prolific artist Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Revolting, Demiurg, Bone Gnawer, etc) has resurrected HUMANITY DELETE, the project he formed in 2003, and has completed debut album Never Ending Nightmares, which is targeted for a December 4th release on Dead Beat Media. Never Ending Nightmares is paranormal, post-apocalyptic Death Metal with Grind/Punk influences that will have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks! The cover artwork was done by Adam Geyer, with inner artwork also by Adam Geyer, as well as Ironworx Gravefix and Dzul Skam. Never Ending Nightmares was recorded by Rogga Johansson and mixed/mastered by Ronnie Björnström.

Future HUMANITY DELETE albums will continue with the paranormal experiences while also adding post-apocalyptic themes into the mix for a killer combination! HUMANITY DELETE is Rogga Johansson (vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, musical composition) with lyrics penned by Jill Girardi (Dead Beat Media) and guest guitar solos from Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace). You are strongly advised to make sure that closet door is closed and to check under your bed before that play button is pushed! 
  1. Never Ending Nightmares
  2. The Eight Ice Narakas
  3. Black Oil Defiler (Orang Minyak)
  4. Necromantic Sorcery
  5. The Jenglot
  6. Dismal Corridors
  7. Resurrection Rites
  8. Retribution of the Polong
  9. Pontianak Part I
  10. The Eight Fire Narakas
  11. Frozen Apparition
  12. Pontianak Part II

Contact for press inquiries.   

HUMANITY DELETE was originally formed around 2003 by Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Demiurg, Bone Gnawer, etc). Some demo material was recorded but it was put aside for many years. In 2012, the band was resurrected from the dead, so to speak. Rogga single-handedly recorded 11 raw, dirty and ugly death metal tracks with a grind/punk approach. Jill Girardi (Dead Beat Media), who has been living in Malaysia for three years, was asked to write lyrics with the theme of Asian ghosts and creepy lore, which she has studied heavily, as anyone who reads up on the ghost lore of Asia knows it is one of the most terrifyingly haunted regions of the earth. To make it even better, Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace) was recruited to add some guest guitar solos to the music, to give it an even rawer feeling! To quote Lasse, "Think 'Kerry King' with a bad hangover!"

Plutonian Shore/Transylvanian Funeral Split Out Now On Forbidden Records
On Halloween of this year, Forbidden Records' unleashed Alchemical Manifestations, a black metal split release featuring San Antonio's PLUTONIAN SHORE and Tucson's A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL. The split is available on Pro CD-R with four-page inserts and on Pro Tape with inserts, free download codes, and two buttons.

A digital version is also available for purchase, as well as free streaming, at:

The album can also be purchased at  and from PLUTONIAN SHORE at

Press should contact for digital review copies, which are available using free download codes.Make sure to check out Forbidden Magazine as well at 

1. Plutonian Shore - To Open the Gate
2. Plutonian Shore - A Thousand Eyes
3. Plutonian Shore - The Beast and The Mirror
4. Plutonian Shore - The Fifth Illusion
5. Plutonian Shore - Consecrating the Flesh (live)
6. Plutonian Shore - Path to Amenti (live)
7. A Transylvanian Funeral - The Supreme Rite of Transmutation
8. A Transylvanian Funeral - Night Hags
9. A Transylvanian Funeral - Moonchild
10. A Transylvanian Funeral - Light Cast Out

NEPENTE's Suffering is the Seed set for digital release November 20th on

Prepare for total annihilation! Suffering is the Seed, the new album from Colombian death/black metal assassins NEPENTE, is scheduled for a November 20th digital release on

Savage and unforgiving, yet smartly composed for maximum memory retention,
Suffering is the Seed is not only NEPENTE's finest offering to date; it further solidifies a proud tradition of South American extreme metal. Mixed and mastered at Poland's legendary Hertz Recording Studio (VADER, HATE, BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, etc), Suffering is the Seed seeks only to do harm!

Listen to the entire album here :

1. Suffering is the Seed
2. Hell is the Name of this Land
3. Merciful Death
4. Hear me Howl
5. Slaves Will Always be Slaves
6. Die for Me
7. This Shroud is Yours
8. The Swamp

Please get in touch at for press inquiries.

NEPENTE is currently seeking a record label to release CD and vinyl versions of Suffering is the Seed. Interested parties should contact

For complete biographical information visit!/nepente.manizales/info.

José F. Ospina (vocals)
Mauricio Aristizábal (drums)
Esteban Daza (guitar)
Wilmar Correa (bass)
Pablo Vaquez (guitar)

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