Infinity (NL) - Non The Hac Terra

Infinity (NL)- Non The Hac Terra

Label : New Era

Available on CD/LP
Comes with a pro printed cover with lyrics included.
Cover art by Necrolord

The Dutch Black Metal band Infinity formed in 1995 are back with their 7th release since birth.
I have to say that I'm not familiar with all of the previous albums,so I will judge on what I hear on this album and not compare to earlier albums.

The first thing that strikes me while listening to the album is the similarity to early swedish black metal ,and it actually says on the flyer that they're hailing Dissection,old Immortal and Absu.
But despite that I find this to be a good album with long lasting melodies,all of them over 5 minutes actually.
What you get here is fast but at the same time melodic black metal with some acoustic guitar parts.
Very majestic and powerful with great compositions and brilliant guitar work.
This album reveals more & and grows for each time I listen to it.
I get a very nostalgic feeling while listening ,like i'm drawn back to the golden era of the early 90's.

It's a very good album they have done here and I enjoy listening to it and I can play it many times on repeat without getting bored. I think that says a lot,especially if you know me. 
They have managed to keep the good old black metal spirit alive on this release and I have to give them credits for that cause many tries but fails.
I needed a kickstart for 2013 and this album surely managed to get me into the chair and start writing!

Highly Recommended!


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