Among Gods (NO) - Among Gods

PRC MUSIC Release: 16 April 2013
After listening to 'Martyr' some months ago the song kinda stuck to my mind afterwards.
And I have to admit my expectations for this album was high,after listening to the first track 'Crucifixion' my hopes are already high,as they don't fail on this extremely groovy & at times experimental death metal it's hard to not keep listening to!
second track 'Martyr' & the whole album more or less is a massive piece of groove & death and the one who lead me to this record,so enough said about that one.

They have done a god job with the variation of the tracks on this album.
I have to say that I enjoy the slower melodic parts very much ,nicely blended in with some more aggressive parts.

'The City Of The Dead' is also a track mentioning again a massive one that makes your head bang,decent drum work on it and some great riffs alongside with the typical Among Gods vocals.

The album consist of 6 tracks and all of 'em are relatively long lasting,and all in all this is a very entertaining an interesting album at the same time,since I've think they've come up with something of their own here and that's pretty cool these days!

If I'm not wrong this will stand as one of the best albums by the end of this year.

This is truly a great debut,and absolutely worth a chance!



Out now on Cd & Vinyl


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