Veneror - Percussimus Fodeus Cum Morte

Type: Full-length
Release date: January 1st, 2013
New Era Productions
Released in co-production with Hexencave Productions.
CD : Limited 1000ex
LP 500ex

This band is a new experience for me,they released one demo named 'Nightwandering' in 2011 and has now released their debut on New Era.
This Italian outfit plays pretty fast forward black metal in the traditional way.
It's raw n' harsh but at the same time very melodic and actually pretty enjoyable and I have no problems listening through the whole album at once since it has a certain 'entertaining' value to it.
It primitive in many ways but on the other hand you could say it's professionally done and the sound quality is above average and fits the music overall.
The thing I like most about this album is the combination of the primitive sounding riffs combined with the more structured stuff.
'Percussimus Fodeus Cum Morte' consist of eighth tracks and surely has it's highlights.
I enjoy what they are trying to accomplish here,easy memorable melodies,but at the same time I kinda think of Gorgoroth,maybe not the right example but as said extreme yet melodic and with it's own charm. They surely manage to help me drift into my own little space,and that's what most music is about.
I'm glad I received this one as I would most likely never get to hear it,cause I think this band has potential and they show it on this release which I think is a pretty good debut, and I'll just enjoy this album for a while and probably hear more from these guys in the future.
The one thing I have to complain about is the variation which could have been more of,as it spins pretty much fast forward throughout the whole album,a bit monotone at times.
But it could be worse,there are so many shitty bands out there doing simply nada more or less. So all hails to these guys for releasing this one.
Lyrics are mostly deal with satanism,witchcraft,black magic,ancient gods,and when I first saw the album cover I somewhat expected some 'Doom' metal or something mostly because of the which drawings and other stuff on the cover 
People into raw,melodic black metal should give this a try!

Traclist :
1. Impervio
2. The Wings of the Daimon Sethos
3. Conclaves of Blest Carnality
4. Witchblood Arcane Sodality
5. De Arcana Reptilia
6. Curse of the Antisacral
7. Alogos Azothos Achronos
8. Et Taurum Draco

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