Kaotoxin Records To Release YEARS OF TYRANTS Debut EP On April 2nd

Kaotoxin Records To Release YEARS OF TYRANTS Debut EP On April 2nd
Kaotoxin Records, in cooperation with Total Deathcore and Clawhammer PR, is proud to unleash the debut EP of France's brutal and technical Deathcore band YEARS OF TYRANTS.
Produced at the Iguana studio (Necrophagist) with Rise Of The Northstar and ex-Resistance members, Leading the Blind is a 23+ minutes long (nine tracks) showcase of, not only a high level of musicianship and technical abilities, but also songwriting skills, mixing blasting parts and the genre-specific breakdowns with dark melodies and atmospheres with even some saddened atmospheric moments.
The EP is available for preorder NOW at on CD or, until April 1st only, as a preorder exclusive package deal including the MCD and a limited edition high-quality Gildan Heavy Cotton t-shirt or girlie with the artwork on the front and the title on the back. 

From now until April 1st, Total Deathcore is hosting an exclusive full album stream ofLeading the Blind. Listen to the EP at this location. 

Kaotoxin Records has posted a video trailer for Leading the Blind HERE.

Release dates: 
- April 2nd - Preorders and France (Season Of Mist) 
- May 6th - UK & Eire (Code7) 
- May 7th - USA, Canada & digital (MVD)

Stronger Than All
Through Infamy
Infestation of Larvae
This World is Ours
Leading the Blind
This is Meat
Of Those Who Wasted it All

Contact for press inquiries. 
Rare are the ultra technical albums able to be something else than a simple display of a very high-level of musicianship and a ton of complex riffs thrown one after the other. Rare are also the debut releases able to already show a real personality and a great sense of song-writing. Years Of Tyrants' Leading the Blind avoids the first and has the second: a very technical, at times ultra brutal, kind of Deathcore that has a soul, that's able to carry emotions, be them violence, frustration or, much more rare in this style, melancholy and sadness.


YEARS OF TYRANTS "Leading The Blind" preorders

Kaotoxin records is proud to announce that France's brutal and technical Deathcore band YEARS OF TYRANTS' debut EP, "Leading the Blind", is now preorder-exclusive limited edition package deal with the "Leading the Blind" t-shirt or girlie t-shirt (artwork on the front, logo and "leading the blind" on the back, small Kaotoxin logo on the sleeve).

Produced at the famous Iguana studios (Necrophagist...) and featuring past and present members of Rise Of The Northstar and Drakkar, the EP consists in nine tracks (23+ minutes) of intense, dark and fucking heavy Deathcore with a strong  Death Metal feel that fans of Beneath The Massacre and Necrophagist will definitely love!!

Stream "Leading the Blind" in its entirety and watch the trailer !
Years Of Tyrants "Leading the Blind"

t-shirt & girlie front

t-shirt & girlie back

Savage Annihilation music video and tour

Kaotoxin records is proud to unleash the debut SAVAGE ANNIHILATION music video, for the song "Les catacombes de l'abomination (pt.1)", taken from the critically-acclaimed 2012 debut full-length, "Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries" (TOX014).

SAVAGE ANNIHILATION's ten-years-in-the-making debut "blasting Death fury" (Forbidden Magazine - USA) has been released on October 1st, 2012 through Kaotoxin. If you missed it, don't waste this new opportunity to check it out!

Don't wait any longer and get your dose of primal Death Metal insanity : WATCH IT!
Buy "Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries" !


with Disgraseed
25-APR - FR - Nevers
26-APR - FR - Rennes
27-APR - FR - Paris
28-APR - FR - Reims


- DARKALL SLAVES will unleash their brand new single early June. Be prepared for a massive dose of guttural brutal Death Metal the US way!

- DEHUMAN will play London (UK) with the legendary MASTER on April 6th, all details can be found here.

- INFECTED SOCIETY will play the Chaulnes Metal Fest (FR) on March 29th, alongside Sodom, Dew-Scented, Trepalium, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition and many others. Check all details at this location.

- INSAIN have finished the recording for their new EP which is now gonna be mixed and mastered at the 16th Cellar Studio (Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse...). This will be the recording debut of new bassist Bono, welcome, guy!

- SIDIOUS preorders will start on April 1st for a May 6th release. Be prepared for a MASSIVE blackened Death Metal release!

- VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC have just finished shooting their debut music video. Expect the awesome / stupid beast to be unleashed soon!


- TOX021 - YEARS OF TYRANTS "Leading the Blind" MCD & digital
- TOX020 - EYE OF SOLITUDE "The Deceit" digital EP
- TOX019 - ANTROPOFAGO "Beyond Phobia" CD & digital
- TOX018 - VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC / ANAL PENETRATION / INFECTED SOCIETY "Snuff Fetish Infection" split tape & digital EP
- TOX017 - NOLENTIA "May the Hand that Holds the Match..." CD & digital
- TOX016 - ANTROPOFAGO "Between Fear and Madness" digital EP
- TOX015 - AD PATRES "Scorn Aesthetics" CD & digital
- TOX014 - SAVAGE ANNIHILATION "Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries" CD & digital
- TOX013 - EYE OF SOLITUDE "Sui Caedere" CD, ltd ed CD & digital
- TOX012 - EYE OF SOLITUDE "Awoken by Crows" digital EP
- TOX011 - INFECTED SOCIETY "Get Infected" MCD & digital
- TOX010 - DEHUMAN "Black Throne of all Creation" CD & digital
- TOX009 - VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC "In Involuntary Abortion We Trust" MCD & digital
- TOX008 - INSAIN "Spiritual Rebirth" CD, ltd ed CD & digital
- TOX007 - UNSU "The Filthy" MCD, ltd ed MCD & digital
- TOX006 - GRONIBARD "Vroum!" flexi EP
- TOX005 - GRONIBARD "Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!" LP, ltd ed LP & digital

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