Gravlund (Nor) Horns Of Hallucinogenic Creation EP

Gravlund returns two years after their 'Goat Funeral Night' EP which to me became an instant classic after a few listens.
Their ability to create cold,ugly & unpolished black metal with a good dose of old school feel to it which surely woke my interest in this band.
Now they are back with a 7 track EP released on pro printed tape named 'Horns Of Hallucinogenic Creation' 
And as I listen I can hear they have grown as musicians,but don't worry,they have not gone soft.
It's still ugly as fuck,and I you like their previous stuff,you'll love this one.
They have developed their style even more into their own ,especially the riffs and melodies are far better on this release,there is not much more to say about this release as they done a great job with this one and they will not disappoint their fans.
As for me I like to listen to the entire tape through and at the moment I don't have any favorite tracks ,but I have to say I love the opening riff on 'Cadaveric Skullboiling Seance' and the whole song on general. It's hard for me to name tracks that stands out as it changes everyday,depending on the mood.
The only thing I would have to "complain" about is why there is no vinyl version of this,as I would love to play this on vinyl...
If you want to know more of what I think about this band,I suggest you read my review of their first one either here or at
Instead of repeating myself over and over again...
Anyway the tape is hand numbered and limited to 100 copies worldwide so you better act fast if you want one. 

I said it before and I say it again,I truly think this band has the potential to come a long way 'cause they are so much more than just the average clones out there,they have marked their path in a brilliant way!
2 tracks from their latest creation can be found beneath.

Higly Recomended!

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