Necrocurse Releases Grip Of Death Today!

NECROCURSE Releases Grip of the Dead Today

Grip of the Dead, the highly-anticipated debut album from Swedish morbid Death Metal rebels NECROCURSE is now available in North America via Pulverised Records.

The album is currently streaming in full at the Pulverised Records Bandcamp Page, where digital downloads are also available for purchase. Grip of the Dead is available as a Digipak CD at Vinyl treatment is coming soon courtesy of a joint collaboration between Blood Harvest Records and To The Death Records. The vinyl version will include re-recorded version of the track "Souls Of A Thousand Funerals," from theShape of Death MCD, as an additional bonus track. 

With members from Nifelheim, Swordmaster, Runemagick and Sacramentum and set in a traditional ancient Heavy Metal spirit, Grip of the Dead is a convocation of ominous Deathchaos and Blackened Thrash destruction. Together with a slab of anthemic devil-horn theatrical antics, the end result is a perfect assimilation of the legitimate NECROCURSE sound-stamp!

Grip of the Dead was recorded, mixed and mastered at Sonic Train Studios with the legendary King Diamond guitar maestro Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Melechesh, Hammerfall, etc) and the stunningly nefarious artwork cover by David Herrerias (Antichrist), the Morbid Maniacs have returned and it is going to be unpleasant.

Judgement Day has arrived...

"Necrocurse have reminded me just how good this often tired, but essential style of blackness can and SHOULD be, for Grip of the Dead instantly impressed me with it's lust for metal the old way. Such a vibrant union between blunt underground intensity and a traditional metal style of melody... this album shows that the 2 styles NEED each other and empower the songwriting spark with enough fuel to grow into something memorable and worthy of a wider appreciation." - Worm Gear Zine

"Pure metal flows voraciously through bodies of these Death metal rebels."
- Artemortifica 

Hellbutcher - Vocals
Rotting Vomitor - Electric Guitar
Mörda - Electric Guitar
Basstard - Bassphemy
Terror - Drums

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