Mothership - Mothership

Ripple Music  
Release: 12 February 2013

I did not know what to expect when it put on this one,but as the opening riff
starts with a nice 70's sounding synth effect I'm pretty convinced that it's doom anno the same decade 
we're talking about ,but as the already very catchy opening track 'Hallucination' spins I realize I'm in for a bit more,as it turns towards traditional heavy metal with some slightly influences from early Iron Maiden,especially the guitars that is.

It's obvious that these guys are heavily influenced by 70's heavy metal and surprisingly as the next track starts I get this feelgood vibe & feel like driving on the highway headed for nowhere.
Kinda like listening to ZZ Top,but these guys have surely managed to take the best from several era's and made their own brilliant mixture which is more than welcome here,this is one of this albums you just need to have in your car stereo at a sunny day just cruising & enjoying life.

The vocalist does a good job on this album alongside with the groovy baselines & riff on this splendid album.

If I had to explain it simple it a back to the future album and if people asked me what heavy metal is all about today,this is the record I would play.
As it's impossible for me to sit still to these genius riffs that makes me smile inside.

There's 8 relatively long lasting tracks & the quality of this album I would consider as long lasting,cause when you heard it once you want more.
A brilliant rock n' roll album that will will spin a lot during the spring & summertime.

Very Recommended!

Tracklist :
  • 01 Hallucination
  • 02 Cosmic Rain
  • 03 City Nights
  • 04 Angel of Death
  • 05 Win Or Lose
  • 06 Elenin
  • 07 Eagle Soars
  • 08 Lunar Master

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