Patria - Nihil Est Monastica

CD Drakkar Productions  2013

Release: 13 March 2013

After listening to a couple of albums I received lately it seems like raw traditional oldschool black metal is on it's way back.

Patria is a band I've listened to lately and I have to say that even though there has been alot of this style lately and I enjoy it.. Some of it that is.
Patria started up in 2008 and released a demo the same year and a single some years ago.
But for me this is the first time I listen to the band.

While it starts spinning it's quite predictable what's to come after the 'majestic' intro.
I have to say I'm quite impressed with this album thinking about this is such raw and traditional black metal from a band hailing from South America and I have to agree with a colleague of mine that they have really pushed the boundaries to the limits with this album.

Even though there has been tons of bands playing this style not all succeed.
This is black metal in it's purest form with a grim & raw atmosphere combined with catchy riffs and luckily they don't use 200 bpm blastbeats all the way. And rather leave room for some very good riffs & tempo changes.

At times very simple & melancholic but nicely performed and with 'Nihil Est Monastica' they have delivered an album that I think will be worshipped by many, especially people into raw black metal as this album pretty much has all the ingredients one want from this style and they managed to mix 'em right!
The last track 'Black Vomit' is a Sarcofago cover from their infamous album I.N.R.I. a good cover,but personally I prefer the originals.

Highlights :

'Conquering Death's Palace'

'Sacro Vale Dos Encantos'

Absolutely worth a listen!




01. Nihil Est Monastica
02. Conquering Death’s Palace
03. Dark Cosmic Legend
04. Nyctophilia
05. Ravens Almighty
06. Altar
07. Sacro Vale Dos Encantos
08. Ascendent Of Darkness
09. Evoking The Ancient Spirits
10. Storm Before Eternity
11. Till Death
12. The Silence Of The Thrones
13. Black Vomit [Sarcófago Cover]

Triumphsword - Vocals

Mantus - Guitars, Bass, Drums

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