April Updates

BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS To Release Dreaming Death EP
Via Lavadome Productions

Based out of Adelaide, Australia, BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS' EP Dreaming Death unearths savage incarnation of death metal darkness. Expect a merciless blast of desolate bestiality and epic devastation hitting hard on all frontiers. As cliché as that sounds, this is the real deal, kids. At only four songs long, this EP proved dynamite comes in small packages; it's overflowing with creativity, skill and own vision of how death metal brutality should sound. It's the understanding to the aesthetics of the genre going hand in hand with undeniable talent that allowed BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS to create such an unrestrained sonic assault.

Dreaming Death, originally released by the band as an MCD in 2012, stood out as one of the best death metal releases of the past year. The material is now getting a 12" MLP vinyl treatment via Lavadome Productions. The release has been specially mastered for vinyl and comes pressed on oxblood, one-sided 12" wax with pentagram etching on the blank side. Limited to 350 copies, Dreaming Death will be out in May. Digital downloads to be made available through major retailers.

Watch out for upcoming BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS releases via Lavadome including a 7" EP containing one new andone re-recorded song and a full-length album later this year as well!

1. Feast Of Carrion
2. The Filth Of Their God
3. Dreaming Death
4. Beast Of Damnation (Beherit Cover)

Doomsayer - Guitars/bass/vocals
Bloodspawn - Guitars
Maleficus - Drums

SATAN Releases New Track From Life Sentence

Legendary British band SATAN have released a brand new track off their forthcoming new album Life Sentence. The song, "Siege Mentality," is now streaming at this location.

Life Sentence, SATAN's first full-length since 1987's Suspended Sentence, will be available in North America on May 21st via Listenable Records. The album will mark the 30th anniversary of the band's highly-acclaimed 1983 debut Court In The Act. Life Sentence will also feature the same line-up that appeared on that now-classic piece of metal history.

The cover art for the album (pictured below) was drawn by famed artist Eliran Kantor (SODOM, TESTAMENT, HATEBREED - and depicts a similar graphic concept as Court In The Act. Mixed by Dario Mollo at Damage Inc. Studio in Italy and tracked late last year at First Avenue in Newcastle, Life Sentence is a very strong uptempo heavy metal album that will undoubtedly become a metal classic.

Pre-orders are available at

"The 80s NWOBHM legends return with an absolute beast of a comeback"
- Metal Hammer

"With the original lineup all in place, Satan's high-flying, expertly-phrased melody lines and riffing have returned as if reappearing, modified DeLorean-style, from the past."
- Worm Gear Zine

SATAN are a heavy metal band originating from Newcastle, England in 1980, known as part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. Though generally obscure throughout their career, the band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980s. SATAN remained inactive until re-assembling for a one-off gig at Germany's Wacken Open Air in 2004, and finally reunited in their original Court In The Act line-up for 2011's Keep It True festival. The band performed at several european festivals in 2011 and 2012 and have announced more festival shows and new album for 2013, to mark the 30th anniversary of their debut release.

 SATAN Line-up:
Brian Ross - vocals
Steve Ramsey - Guitar
Russ Tippins - Guitar
Graeme English - Bass
Sean Taylor - Drums


SkullsNBones Debuts New DEVIL TO PAY Track has posted an exclusive world premier of the song "Already Dead," taken from Fate is your Muse, the upcoming release from Indy-based heavy rockers DEVIL TO PAY.  Enjoy the sludge-soaked and soulful tune at

Fate is your Muse
is set for an April 9th release on Ripple Music.  
Fate is your Muse is an introspective lyrical journey that careens from the metaphysical, to the absurd, to the pragmatic (and back again), all set to bone crushing heaviness wrapped in elaborate vocal melodies and elegant guitar phrases. Exploring topics such as reincarnation, the end of days, and the thin veil between reality and fantasy, the Indianapolis foursome create a rare musical experience; one that will have heavy rock fans returning for the primal emotional riffs, as well as the complex and heady lyrical content. Order the album on CD, digital and vinyl formats at

DEVIL TO PAY released a video for the single "This Train Won't Stop," which was premiered by The Obelisk in conjunction with the end of the Mayan Baktun on December 21st. The lyrics are about the continual false prophesizing of the world's end. Check out the video at this location.

"I feel the need to go and dance round a pole. Fate Is Your Muse is the soundtrack to every seedy strip club you ever wanted to go to." [4.5/5] - TBFM Online

"Fate Is Your Muse mixes hard riffing and suave grooves into a twelve track fat album of boot stomping, head moshing magnificence that you didn't even know had been missing from your life." -  

For complete bio info on DEVIL TO PAY visit this location.

Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records Releases

Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records, in conjunction with Dybbuk Records, has released The Carnal Slumber / Enemy's Perimeter, a split 7-inch EP from California's ancient death metal horde DECREPITAPH Malaysian battle metal militia HUMILIATION .The EP is limited to 500 copies (100 green and 400 black) pressed on 42-gram vinyl with a four panel folder. Orders are available at (UK), (Mexico) or by contacting the bands directly. A preview of the split, featuring track snippets from both bands, is streaming at this location.
This is a devotion to horror and battle, entrenched in the olden ways of death metal! Consider The Carnal Slumber / Enemy's Perimeter a mandatory addition to the collection of any metal purist.


The Carnal Slumber (DECREITAPH)
Enemy's Perimeter (HUMILIATION) 


Get in touch at for press inquiries.

Originally formed in 2005 as a solo project of Elektrokutioner (FATHER BEFOULED, ENCOFFINATION, et. al.) and rounded out with addition of Sinworm in 2007, DECREPITAPH has grown into one of the underground's most devastating forces through a series of demos, splits and full-length releases. DECREPITAPH plays detuned, doom-laden death metal in style of the old-school masters. The band is set to play the Martyrdoom Fest in New York City on June 28th.

Spawned in 2009, HUMILIATION is based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur (the capital city of MALAYSIA). The band formed out the members' collective love for old-school death metal pioneers such as BENEDICTION, MASSACRE and BOLT THROWER. With a skull-crushingly heavy sound and lyrics themed around war and humanity's demise, HUMILIATION proudly wave the flag of true, bullshit-free death metal. Behold Malaysian Old School Death Metal Insanity!

Label and Roster Updates From Heaven and Hell Records

US-based indie metal label Heaven and Hell Records has been busy making plans to ensure that 2013 will be a year to remember for heavy metal fans everywhere. The label has issued the following update on several items.

Heaven and Hell Records plan to re-issue North Carolina thrash legends
Denial No Comment EP later in 2013

Recorded at Reflection Studios and originally released in 1990 with the line-up of John Lawther (bass), Kelly Rodgers (drums), Joe Walsh (guitar), and Jeff Triece (vocals/guitar). DENIAL's self-released six songs EP quickly caught on in the thrash metal underground and soon after its release it landed the band a deal with Colossal Records who released the band's only full length offering Antichrist President. The band seemed to disappear not long after leaving behind their small mark in the world of thrash metal. Years later, with the resurgence classic thrash, coupled with collector demand, DENIAL's name would begin to surface once more but with a new generation of headbangers.

Heaven and Hell Records plan to re-issue the classic No Comment EP later this year, Re-mastered by Jamie King st The Basement Studios, with new artwork by TJ Barber, the EP will also include a live soundboard recording that included tracks that were never released.

For more on DENIAL, visit the band's Official Facebook Page.

THE RETICENT Comment On Forthcoming Album

THE RETICENT are currently working on the follow up to last year's opus Le Temps Detruit Tout, entitled Chronology of My Disgrace. 
Founder Chris Hathcock states, "The entire album is the chronicle of an amalgamation of life experiences that in many ways I've yet to deal with - hence the title 'Chronology of My Disgrace.' This will be a physically and emotionally draining process I can already tell as I will be putting more of myself out there than I have ever done before in any medium. This may all backfire and be catastrophically awful and mark the end of this experiment called The Reticent. I have no idea. I only know that I feel like I, for lack of a better term, 'need' to record this album (as foolish as that may sound). If only to free myself of burdens that have haunted me for a long while now. In many ways this will be the angriest The Reticent has ever sounded and in some ways the most sorrowful. A better way to put it is that it will be the most honest and exposed I've ever been. I hope the album will take you with me and that it will make you feel something." 

In anticipation for the next full-length an EP of cover songs is planned for release. As of yet it has not been revealed what the selections for the release will be, but be assured they will all be given THE RETICENT treatment.

Heaven and Hell Records will be attending the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival 20013 in Chicago, Illinois on May 3rd & 4th.  The label will be set up with our Sounds of Purgatory distro as vendors and bringing along a wide assortment metal goodies; some of the best rare, obscure, and underground heavy metal from around the world, over 1,000 different titles, both CD & vinyl.
Last year's fest was a blast with a lot of great bands. The best aspect was the gathering of all the true metal fans. We look forward to seeing them all again. Until May, HAILS!

For more info visit;
Ragnarokkr Festival
Sounds of Purgatory


Recently Eugenic Death drummer Ian Pasquini has quite the band due to outside personal obligations. "There were no tensions in the band and no hard feelings, Ian simply had obligations that require his fullest attention," states guitarist Jonathan McCanless.  

Coincidentally Pasquini's departure comes about as McCanless joins Indiana's STEEL AGGRESSOR as their new drummer. The remaining three members of EUGENIC DEATH; Jonathan McCanless, Keith Davis, and Shane Lucas are currently working on the follow up to the band's  2012 debut Crimes Against Humanity, entitled Under the Knife. due for release sometime in 2013.

For more label updates, roster info and catalog of releases, visit:

DOOM'S DAY - New Album for October 2013!
DOOM'S DAY's currently in pre-production mode for its second album to be released in october of 2013 on PRC MUSIC.

The new material, going for a little more Doom and traditional Metal, is darker and a bit more aggressive while keeping the band's original signature sound of the previous album THE UNHOLY.

“With the next album, we’re going one step further. Everything you know about Doom’s Day will be there,
but expect to get an extra kick in the ass.” -Doom (Vocals)

The new album will be available on CD and in digital formats.

MONSTERWORKS' Album of Man Out Now on Mortal Music

Chicago's Mortal Music has officially released the full-length Album of Man from expansionist UK metallers MONSTERWORKS. This brings together all tracks from the Album of Man sessions which were released in part as Man :: Instincts and Man :: Intrinsic last year.

Album of Man will be available through all the usual digital outlets and with a special collectors' CD edition in gatefold "mini-LP" format with lyric book available direct from the band via its webstore ( The band is scheduled to enter the studio at the end of next month to start work on the followup. 


 Critical praise for Man :: Instincts/Intrinsic

"Monsterworks is an amazing grungey, progressive, sometimes thrashy sometimes insane kind of band with amazing musicianship and incredible songwriting abilities."  

- Tragedy Axe 

"There are some big shapes within these tracks. Very big shapes. Each track has a completely different sound, starting with huge chunky riffs to chew on and then turning to sludge-like doom number, closing with a tranquil, melodic tune." [4/5]
- Culture Bomb Magazine 
"Man: Instincts is at times bizarre, at times incomprehensible, and at all times utterly interesting. The experience gives you so much in such a short amount of time that it's absolutely worth the ride, even if you only manage to take in half of everything available."

"Monsterworks have no boundaries and flip the bird at the rule book." [8/10]

"With powerful lyrics that doubt one's belief, the band's music is far more than harmony and technique, for it might make a person think and confront himself with things he may consider undoubtedly true." -Metal Shock Finland

Contact for promos, press inquiries and interview requests.

In the course of its existence MONSTERWORKS has been responsible for albums as farfetched as a metal space adventure concept album in two parts (Spacial Operations - 2007 and Singularity - 2009), but more recently has explored philosophical territory (The God Album - 2011) and an approach to recording that mostly relies on "old-school" technology, i.e. 24 track, 2-inch tape, like the classic albums the band grew up with.  It was time to take a step back and rediscover the grit that made metal great, rather than the over-polished mechanical production that is often evident in modern releases.
Stylistically the band has always been difficult to pin down, at one moment death metal, in another stoner rock, then back to thrash; but the challenge to the listener is intentional and somehow in the end it works (in the context of heavy metal, which is the only essential influence).  What is important is that the music does not switch between styles for the sake of it, nor to show off; it is just what feels right in the moment.
MONSTERWORKS has, possibly to its own detriment, never followed trends or towed the line; preferring to forge its own path in the continually evolving world of heavy metal.  In this respect it has always stayed true to its mission statement:



Hugo - Bass

James - Drums

Jon - Guitar / Vocals

Marcus - Lead Guitar 

DeathMetal.Org Debuts New MORGENGRAU Song

DeathMetal.Org has posted an exclusive premier of the title track off of Extrinsic Pathway from Austin, TX-based Traditional Death Metal foursome MORGENGRAU.

With just under a week left until the album's April 2nd release through Blind God Records, let the title track abuse your eardrums now at this location.

The debut effort from MORGENGRAU features eight tracks of classic death metal in the vein of PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, and IMMOLATION. In other words, Death metal in the early 90s style! Yeah, MORGENGRAU are the real deal, folks. Extrinsic Pathway explores the left hand path, atrocities and suffering. No politicizing, proselytizing or preaching - just head banging, double bass and catchy riffs. In the words of the band: "We play, you fuck yourself up in the pit. Simple."
Extrinsic Pathway will be available direct from the band via BandCamp, as well as through CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3 and Rhapsody. The album was recorded at Amplitude Media in Austin, TX and mixed/mastered at Endarker Studio, Sweden by Magnus (Devo) Andersson of MARDUK.

MORGENGRAU will make their NYC debut at the Martyrdoom Fest on Friday, June 28. For details and ticket info visit

Extrinsic Pathway
The White Death
Inner Self
Choking Grove
Grave of Lies
Chemosh Enlighten
Polymorphic Communion

Contact for press inquiries and coverage plans.

Come walk the Extrinsic Pathway with MORGENGRAU. Hailing from Austin, Texas, MORGENGRAU is dedicated to the craft of classic death metal. Since their inception in 2010, they have established themselves as a formidable live act, garnering particular attention due to being fronted by former IGNITOR front woman, Erika (Tandy) Morgengrau, and ex-MANIFESTATION drummer, Reba Carls. Both women are well known in the Texas scene for their fierce performances, with Erika having fronted several other well-known bands of various genres, including AUTUMN TEARS. The band focuses conceptually on death worship in all its forms: war, occultism, and horror.

Erika Morgengrau - Guitar and vox
Reba Carls - Drums
Nick Norris - Guitar
Jacob Holmes - Bass

Thousand Year War's Kingdom of America Out Now; EP Streaming
THOUSAND YEAR WAR's highly anticipated follow-up to 2011's Tyrants and Men has finally arrived! The Kingdom of America EP offers six unrelenting black/death metal hymns with a lyrical rallying cry against the modern capitalistic super powers, spat with venomous fury by multi-instrumentalist/composer Hiram Lohr. Every song offers an array of refreshingly powerful riffs, melodic punch, and the ferocious percussive onslaught of DEMONICAL's Fredrik Widigs.
Topped off with a superb recording by Jeff Jonson at Redding CA's Paragon Studios (vocals, bass, guitars) and Fredrik Widigs (drums), as well as mixing/mastering by Colin Davis at Shadow Work Recording, Kingdom of America firmly establishes THOUSAND YEAR WAR as a lethal force of American metal. 

Visit to stream and/or purchase Kingdom of America. Lyrics are included with each download.

A promo video for the EP has been posted at this location and a fan-made video is playing

1. Kingdom of America
2. Weep as we die
3. London Dungeon (Misfits Cover)
4. Doom rides these mountains (Instrumental)
5. Vulture Eyes
6. Gather the Wolves
Contact for press inquiries and coverage plans.  

Thousand Year War was and always is the expression of misanthropy and hatred for the corporate modern world. There are no feelings spared and only and will ever be the extreme opposition to corporate metal and all the attention starved followers of an empty scene.

THE RETICENT Announces New Members, Free EP and New Full-Length

A lot is brewing in the world of THE RETICENT, including new members added to the live line-up, a free EP and the next full-length. Details can be found below. 

Recently, THE RETICENT recruited former ORACLEguitarist Robert Kerns as the new resident lead guitarist. This has allowed the band to return to the stage and begin playing some select live dates. Show updates can be found at the band's Facebook Page.  

Fans of the band were quite excited to hear from mastermind Chris Hathcock that there are not one but two albums in the works this year. The first is an EP of unique interpretations of some yet to be disclosed cover songs. The EP will be titled Artifice and will be made available for free  via download through the Heaven & Hell Records' website for a limited time. Said Hathcock, "I wanted to do something where I could explore some lesser known songs I enjoy and take some more well known songs and rearrange them. I'm not at all interested in covering bands that The Reticent is already compared to nor covering anything that is already in the 'progressive' sphere. It's far more interesting to step away from expectation and explore, in my opinion. I think a lot of people will be surprised by some of the tracks on the album and hopefully they won't be too awful to listen to."

Artifice will be recorded this Spring with a late Spring or early Summer release.

Hathcock also gave a lot of insight into the anxiously awaited fourth full-length follow-up to the well-received Le Temps Detruit Tout. "In many ways this will be the angriest The Reticent has ever sounded and in some ways the most sorrowful. A better way to put it is that it will be the most honest and exposed I've ever been."

The album, titled Chronology Of My Disgrace, is set to be a concept album in which every song revolves around a single narrative which is aimed to give the listener a ride along a very revealing and personal journey. Due to the amount of material to complete this vision, the release may very well end up as a double-length CD.

When asked about the album, Hathcock said, "It is the next step in the evolution of this band. That's not to say it will be great but it will be different. It will be much heavier than the last album while also being more honest and sorrowful. Elements of jazz and experimental music will be there right along with elements of death metal, prog rock, etc. So hopefully it will be if nothing else a dynamic listen. But don't listen to me, artists are terrible judges of their own work." Hathcock plans to head to the studio to begin work on Chronology Of My Disgrace this summer with a release next winter.

Earlier this year, Hathcock received fan submitted questions about his influences, recording process, among many other topics. His answers were posted via a series ofYouTube videos, part one is linked below.  

Hathcock commented, "Some long-winded answers at way too late an hour from your least favorite mediocre musician. All the questions were collected via Facebook and are reproduced verbatim. If your question did not get answered, don't worry. Due to the amount, the interview was broken into a few parts. Thanks to everyone that helped in this."  

THE RETICENT Fan Q & A Part 1 -

Heaven and Hell Records To Reissue FALSE PROPHET Discography

Heaven and Hell Records will be releasing the complete recorded works from North Carolina death thrashers FALSE PROPHET on CD as part of the Lost Relics collection.

Formed in the late 1980s FALSE PROPHET would quickly become one of North Carolina's leading metal bands and grew into one of the East Coast's most fierce thrash/death metal acts by the early 1990s. Their first self-titled demo, released in 1989, saw the band gain attention throughout the underground. But it wasn't until the release of their full-length, Second Death, in 1991 that the band began to gain mass critical praise from critics and peers. Many throughout the metal community saw FALSE PROPHET as the next Morbid Angel.

The band toured the region playing with such acts as Danzig, Confessor, Forbidden, Demolition Hammer and Dark Angel. They eventually landed a deal with Belgium label Mausoleum Records. Unfortunately an album would never be release. By 1993 the band changed their name to INFERNAL HIERARCHY and released a self-titled, two-song 7". The band split up shortly there after. 

Finally this awesome thrash/death metal collection will see a proper release all re-mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios in Winston-Salem, NC.
To be included:
Sign of the Cross 1989 demo

01.Red Dawn  

02. Sign of the Cross

03. Devil's Meat

04. False Prophecy 

Second Death 1991 full-length

05. Diabolic Rites (Intro)

06. Second Death 

07. Holy Deception

08. In Satan's Name

09. Forgotten Souls

10. Bring Back a Memory

Infernal Hierarchy 1993 7"

11. First Born

12. False Prophecy  

Video footage of the band playing live at Snookers in Raleigh, NC in 1993 has been posted at:

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