Revelation - Inner Harbor

Revelation was formed back in the 80's as a traditional doom metal band.
They have now returned with a new album 'Inner Harbor' witch is their seventh full-length album.

The first thing I noticed with this album was the excellent guitars & synths.
Starting with a slow & groovy song without repeating themselves.
Slowly building up the tempo/atmosphere witch varies from each track.

The most surprising thing with this album is the unique sound they've created 

It's like being drawn back to the 60's and forth and I can promise these musicians surely knows how to create magic.

I have to admit that the first guitar riff alone was enough to get my attention.

The funny thing with this album is that when I listen I sometimes think of Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple,Black Sabbath ,but at the same time this is far from all of the above mentioned.
They manage to create such a good fusion of it all throughout the whole album and the only thing is just to let go and drift away.

I'm trying to find a negative thing to say here,but it seems like I'm on an impossible mission here as it's so darn good musicianship and melodies here. 

The synths & guitars here is so well executed, Just listen to 'Jones Falls' or 'Rebecca At The Well'
for instance,even though I would recommend just playing the whole album through.

This is an album every stoner (or not) should have or at least check out!

A masterpiece!

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