New albums from Dehuman Reign and Wound on July 26.

FDA Rekotz to Unleash New Albums From
DEHUMAN REIGN and WOUND on July 26th
German death metal label FDA Rekotz has announced the July 26th release of new albums from two of Deutschland's most extreme underground metal bands - DEHUMAN REIGN and WOUNDS.

After signing with FDA Rekotz earlier this year, Berlin-bred DM lunatics DEHUMAN REIGN are set to make an explosive debut with the 20-minute mini-CD Destructive Intent.This young band is composed of experienced musicians who cut their teeth on the finest and fastest classic American-styled Death Metal gurus such as Suffocation, Immolation and Deicide. Destructive Intent was mastered by Matias Ahonen at Finnish Audiamond Studio (Solstafir, Hour Of 13) and offers an authentic DM sound that pummels the listener into lifelessness.  The album's cover art was masterfully drawn by Dedy of Badic Art (Demonical, Goregast, Skeletal Remains). Each CD purchased comes with a DEHUMAN REIGN logo sticker and the first 100 orders will get a free poster of the cover art. Vinyl treatment for Destructive Intent is coming soon. CDs and t-shirts are now available for pre-order at

Stream album track "Masks of Sorrow" at this location.

Prelude To Perdition
Extinction Machine
Invocation I Black Seed
Irreversible Soul Consumption
Staring Beyond The Edge Of Time
Invocation II Scorched Earth
Veil Of Ignorance
Masks Of Sorrow

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Wiesbaden's WOUND, whose 2012 demo, Confess to Filth, received  Demo of the Month honors from Rock Hard Magazine and earned the band spots on this year's Extremefest and Party San Open Air, make their full-length debut with Inhale the Void. WOUND comes from the dirty, fat, punky and nasty school of classic death metal that falls somewhere between At The Gates, Asphyx, Necrowretch or even Wolfpack. Inhale the Void was recorded at Haunted Studio and mastered at Soundsight Studio. The first 100 CDs purchased through FDA's mail order will come with a free 420g Stonepaper postcard. The vinyl version of Inhale the Void will come from Weed Hunter Records. Pre-orders for the CD, vinyl and t-shirts are being taken at

The band has posted the song 'Codex Arcanum' at this location.

Codex Arcanum
The Unsolved Obscurity
Forever Denial
Confess To Filth
Corroded From Within
Among You
The Price Of Tyranny
Inhale The Void

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