Monsterworks - Album Of Man

Mortal Music
Release date 28.Mars.2013
Monsterworks is back this time with a full-length after two promising concept ep's that got good critics here.

When I first listened to their music during the 'Instincts Of Man' I was amazed by their innovative musical directions.
This is a band that plays a delightful mix of doomy,progressive metal with influences of death metal but at the same time with psychedelic parts that makes me think of Pink Floyd.
Musically it's hard to put 'em in one genre as they it varies a lot through the album.
I guess the progressive metal would be the easiest to say if one listens to the track 'All Suns Die' witch is a good example of what I tried to explain above.
The thing I love about this band is that no matter what they mix together it turns out good.
I don't know how they do it, but they create a beautiful adventure for the listener.
This can be a very easy and enjoyable album but at the same time very complex and demanding ,it all depends on the mind of the listener.

I strongly suggest you check out this brilliant band.

Album of Man will be available through all the usual digital outlets and with a special collectors' CD edition in gatefold "mini-LP" format with lyric book available direct from the band via its webstore ( The band is scheduled to enter the studio at the end of next month to start work on the follow-up.

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