Rotten Liver (France) - Purification By Debauchery Review

Rotten Liver (France) - Purification By Debauchery
Mortis Humanae Productions

I got this promo a few weeks ago from Laurent which has released some pretty good albums the last years.
This album is somewhat different from the the other releases I've heard form MHP so far.

Rotten Liver deliver a very good dose of black metal with rock n' roll influences or perhaps in the opposite order if you like.
This 4 track EP is overall a very good release and has gone on repeat for a while,still not tired of it.
The thing with this band is probably that they manage to pull out some excellent but yet simple riffs that just hits my brain,right where it's supposed to.

Even though this is black metal or whatever you like to call it, I find it very easy listening, entertaining & enjoyable.
And as said this has a solid dose of traditional rock n' roll influences and they blend in with the darker side excellent.

The reason is simply because these guys surely know how to make quality music and at times I have to ask myself if it's on the edge to psychedelic twists at times.
You have to listen to know what I mean 'cause this band throws in some excellent guitars solos, and also the drummer does a good job in lifting this record further.
The tunes on this album is mostly mid-tempo or should I say laid back with some faster parts now and then with a dark and trancelike atmosphere at times.

At the moment I have no favorite tracks as I enjoy playing the whole release over and over again and honestly, I find each track to very good... Did you really think I would put it on repeat if not?
One thing is for sure! This beats the hell out of 90% of todays so-called Black Metal in my opinion.
Rotten Liver is one of the best releases ,if not the best that has been released by Mortis Humane Productions so far and of what I've heard.

I sincerely hope we'll se a full-lenght from this band in the future ,as I'm very eager to hear more from this band and follow up on their progression.
I don't know the release date for this one or if it's already out,contact the label or band for details.

This one is highly recommended by Scullfukker ,and I strongly advice you to check out if you want something out of the ordinary and quality!

Tracklist :   Infamous Nil
                   Become The Arcanthropos
                   Black' N Rot
                   Purification By Debauchery

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Rotten Liver was born in France under Brittany’s rain. It started as a duo around winter 2010, willing to create a dark and tortured black metal with a rock’n’roll feeling. After some line up difficulties, the coven finally found two devoted souls to start composing and recording its first EP entitled “Purification by Debauchery”, dealing with gnosis, sin and chaos. The beast is now ready to spread its vision of Black metal to the masses.

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