Pitch Black Mentality (Nor) - New album soon!

Pitch Black Mentality
The Pitch Black Reality
Casket Records
Pitch Black Mentality started as a project in 2008/09 between Jarle H Olsen and Frank Natås in Norway, Bergen. Starting off as a Metallica-tribute band and performing on/off again for nearly a decade, they decided to forge their own sound by combining elements of melodic metal and thrash, utilizing the fierce technique and amazing guitar-shredding from Jarle - Combined with the heavy and raw riffstyle from Frank.

9 songs took shape in the year of 2009 and were fleshed out with the help of friends and collegues by the names of Rodrigues Garcia and Cristian Carrsco Lara - Both from Chile - whom helped form the quartet as studio/session musicians on bass and drums.

After lyrics was written by Natås,the vocal duties fell on bassplayer/guitarist/vocalist Tore Christer Storlid (known for his duties in acts such as Brutallica, Artificial Comfort, Mahirim and Audrey Horne). For the first time the songs came alive and the band began to take on a life of its own. Finally, Jarle H Olsen gave the songs depth and magic with his epic lead guitars. Thus, the album "The Pitch Black Reality" was born - Mixed by the legendary Tommy Hansen at Jailohuse Studios (Helloween, TNT, JORN, D.A.D) in Denmark . With the addition of Bjarte K Helland (Brutallica, Mahirim, Artificial Comfort), the lineup was yet again complete.

With their debut offering, "The Pitch Black Reality", soon to be released on Casket Records, the band are looking to launch into the European and UK markets in early-mid 2014.
A review of this album will follow,watch out!

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